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  • Gregory F Saunders - Great musicians!

    While I am not always crazy about Ringo's tunes, the musicianship of the band over comes it. This is an amazing group of musicians that play well off of each other. Fantastic!

  • Nebraska Engineer - Performance hog, and has interaction issues.

    First a disclaimer: I'm using this to protect a 3-yr old Win 7 laptop (not a huge problem), and also an admittedly older Dell XPS desktop (Win XP) (unbelievably terrible performance impacts). I purchased this brand of security software in the hope that it would work better on my 7-year old desktop (1 G Ram) than the expiring Norton had. With Norton, my Dell functioned ok except during scans (which could be paused if necessary) and for 10 minutes when first starting up in the mornings.

  • California Girl - I love this shampoo!

    I love this shampoo! I love that you really only need to use a drop the size of a dime, and it creates great lather, with that in mind a bottle lasts me about 6 months or so. In that respect, the price isn't so bad.

  • Amazon Customer - keep in mind that my feet were BAD! I listened to everyone's reviews and soaked my ...

    keep in mind that my feet were BAD! I listened to everyone's reviews and soaked my feet before hand and let it sit with my feet on the floor for an hour, then washed. About a 5-6 days later they were peeling but the really bad parts were stubborn so in another week or so (about 2 weeks after the first treatment) I did it again and it worked like magic! There was no pain! The hard, dead skin that i'd had for years and years finally came off and my feet were beautiful! Very happy with the results but kinda bummed I had to use both in my 2-pack to get the result i did. Will buy again though to keep up on it so that wont happen again :)

  • iwtgtp - I'm using it like a pro now

    You have to learn how to make it suction well then it'll keep you dry. Stay prepared for a few accidents the first time. I never used it without a pad to be on the safer side. After a few accidents, of the cup spilling the contents out, I'm using it like a pro now. Still I never dare to use it without a pad.

  • Judy - Visalus shakes are AWESOME!!

    Have been on the 90 day challenge & so far aft 1 month have lost 10 lbs! I am not hungry & stay full. Since I have better nutrition from the 2 daily shakes I no longer get the "cravings" I used to!

  • Jeffery Dewberry - why the bad reviews?

    I understand the confusion over why Daiya doesn't taste like real mozzarella cheese.....but its not cheese....its meant to mimic the creaminess of cheese.....which it does well. It will not make you stop eating regular cheese but it will add a bit of magic back to pizza and other baked wonders that are sadly lacking in the vegan life.