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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Amazon Customer - Great sunshade

    As has been mentioned, this does need rolling up, but that's due to the huge windshield, so I'm not marking this down. Fits perfectly, keeps the interior cool and unlike most other cheap sun shades, won't fall apart and drop black bits all over your dash. Great.

  • David L. - Happy wife !!

    I ordered this Atwood 91447 Water Heater ECO Thermostat Assembly. The water heater stopped working in the motor home on our vacation about 500 miles from home. I ordered this kit and had it shipped to the campgrounds hoping this would solve our problem and it did. It was very easy to install myself and now we have hot water again. Happy wife !!

  • Tyler Durden - Nothing but praise

    I have been using sea foam for about 10 years. I use in all of my gasoline engines, including 2 stroke.

  • SailingThruLyfe - Worked.

    Used longer than directed and passed, was very scared and skeptical. I read all the reviews on every website I could find on the product. Looked like many reviews were 50/50. I had used heavy for two months and used slightly the last month before giving the sample. I am very satisfied.

  • Aaron Shaver - Good for the price, but not great

    The black levels are poor; you can see white bleed-through light when the screen is showing black/dark scenes. I've had trouble with it forgetting custom my picture settings. But I do like how easy the stand was to install. And it's a good value for the price. If I were to buy again, I would go with a more premium brand (the one that starts with an "S" and ends in "sung").