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  • Khamedora - WOW!!!!!

    Summer sandal foot never looks good in September. I saw a picture of what this product does and read about the all natural fruit acids that make your foot shed rough skin like a snake.

  • Randy Holmun - Not what I hoped for.

    Coming from a decade of Photoshop use, this wasn't at all what I hoped for. General interface is clumsy and complicated, layers make no sense, and brushes are impossible for me to comprehend. May be for other folks, but not for me.

  • Jennifer Hess - Household of 6's new favorite!!

    I was super excited to receive this product for free to review. We are a household of 6 and cold and flu season runs ramped around our house. This works great!! The instructions were super easy to follow and it worked really well. Love this way better than the ear one. When the kids are sick no one wants that ear thing shoved in their ears. Will use this from now on. Amazing product!!

  • Shirley Tompkins - Just Ok!

    I thought it would have me going to the restroom more to eliminate toxin in my body, but it didn't. I only went to the restroom once a day which is no different than before taking the cleanse.

  • Cathie Chalk - Don't buy this product it's a waste of your money

    I bought PC matic for 49.95 then when I couldn't download it i called tech support. To make a long story short they told me I had tons of things wrong with my computer and that I needed them to "fix" it to the tune of $200.00. What a scam! Don't buy this product it's a waste of your money.

  • tasha :) - i am loving all natural

    I own a diffuser I got a few years ago and have always used fragrance oils in it to help with alot of common ailments. I was doing some research on essential oils related to herbs for the best way to treat stuff without haveing to use medications . Since finding these i thought that i would I need more scents anyway I read the reviews and thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did just with a few times i have been able to use these i have noticed a difference in my home and with my family . I now understand the difference between home fragrance oils and quality essential oils (like comparing apples and oranges). I found the depth of the scents to be just right they are sweet smelling and not to overpowering or overwhelming, but not weak it is just the right amount that is needed. The blends are really nice (see below). Pricing is a good value compared to others that i have purchased. the bottles may look small but really you will get alot in the little bottles. i am loving all the different scents and what they help . you will love that these are all natural and not artificial .i love that this kit comes with so many different kinds of oils for you to play with and become familiar with to help you and your family's health the natural way

  • MaryM - this book is good. the online resources are helpful

    this book is good. the online resources are helpful. i have been able to break down difficult questions thanks to strategies discussed in the 1st section. unfortunately, the kindle version has some major editing errors which made it very difficult in the content and quiz sections of the book. I was able to access the pdf version of the book through the online companion site to get to the correct information.