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  • Jenna12583 - AMAZING!!!

    Ido recommend!!! This game is everything I hoped for. It has so many animals to choose from!!! Thank you so much for making this game!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011

    This is a great piece of software for drawing and painting on the computer. I have been drawing and painting using regular materials for over forty years and this software comes the closest I have found to working with those materials.

  • Darrell Goforth - Two units shipped were defective

    I ordered this unit and upon installation found it to be defective. This description was from Samsung support. When I informed Ritz Camera of the problem, they gladly took the unit back and sent another. I had the same problem with the second unit and after having a Samsung technician attempt to install it, it was declared defective also. I would say that it's possible that the defect in in the television itself, but the tech also replaced the mother board effectively making it a new tv. When I imformed Ritz of this outcome, they gladly took the unit back and issued a refund.

  • wendell thompson - Garcinia Cambodia Extract Pure is a must buy!!

    The Garcinia Cambogia Extract Pure came very promptly in the mail by Amazon, and it really takes away the hunger. In the last three days I have lost 5 pounds. I think I can last long because the craving are truly gone. A must buy if looking for results

  • Patrick Jones - Great light;small package.

    Very cool light in a small package. This light is BRIGHT!. You can either hit the button on the side and create a VERY bright beam OR you can slide top out and the lantern light automatically comes on... OOOORRRRR you can hit the button AND slide the light out and create A LOT of light. I am sure the the batteries will not last long even if this is an LED light if you run both lights at one time.

  • Carol Greco - Very Please with This Purchase

    Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my son in college for repairs, costumes, etc. as an Art major in Design. We both had a chance to use over Christmas and we both agree this machine really works well with a variety of different types of fabric. This is a very nice basic machine for the price and easy to use. A good value for a college student, etc. Very pleased with this purchase.