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  • Family - mechanic, authors and editor - to start it wouldn't let me access amazon account

    It's wreaking havoc with some common sites such as There is such a thing as too much security and I should know, i've been in the field since I supervised a 360-65 and covered security for CNET/techrepublic as The Locksmith for 6 years, and security for Government Computer news for 2+decades. Kaspersky is great on killing viruses but if it let you turn off some of the things more sophisticated users don't want or need it would be a lot more useful for expert users. This is the best and you should buy it, but be aware it isn't very user friendly.

  • daisy06573 - SAVE. YOUR. MONEY.

    This product does NOT work as stated. I had been "toxin" free already for 25 days, but, as a precaution I decided to try this after a rep from my local retailer "high"ly recommended. Bottom line: FAIL! Additionally, there is ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT from via chat, email and telephone. My advice: Don't smoke!

  • Fredric F. Myers - Buy this....

    If you garden to any degree this is a must have and is an excellent price compared to Lowe's or Home Depot or ACE...

  • Michael J. Dowling - A little embarassed to have bought this book

    A little embarrassed to have bought this book honestly. I gave it two stars because he does give some much needed advice to men. Take care of yourself, be the best you, you can be. Do things to make you feel confident, have an action plan to move on in the event your wife/girlfriend cheats or still treats you like garbage. That all is great advice and very important. Fact is most marriages end in divorce, and women are cheating more then men today and it's only increasing. You would be a fool to marry without at least entertaining the idea of how to protect yourself in the event your wife cheats and you divorce. It's also amazing what losing 50 lbs and bettering yourself can do to a woman, especially an aging woman. She will start to feel that insecurity and it does draw her closer. But this isn't ground-breaking, mostly common sense. If you look much better than you did, earn more money, gain a more advanced degree you become more attractive to your wife and other women... of course you do, everyone already knows that.

  • John Schultz - Hit and Miss

    If you are squeamish about pain this may not be for you. When done correctly this WILL hurt. This has worked 80% of the time for me. If your warts are in your armpits or on your face or genitals do not screw around with this product. Pony up the cash and see a professional. If they are on any other part, have at it. I have struggled with 3 warts on my hands. This product has destroyed 2 of them permanently. Each of these warts took about 3 applications to work. I reused the applicator even tho it says not to but they do not supply enough. The last one is a bugger. It's on the side of my pointer finger knuckle and I have had a doctor try and remove it and it came back in a year. Same thing happened when I tried this product on it. It made it smaller. To the point where I could barely see it. It took 4 applications over about 3 weeks. But it came back. I will try again. If you attack new warts quickly, this will eliminate them.

  • Karen - Don't get done at dealership

    I went in for an oil change (with a coupon) for $24.99 at my Jeep dealer. As always the service advisor came out to inform me what other services I may need. He said the one that most concerned him was my 3rd brake light was out. He said I may get a ticket. So I said, 'ok, how much?" It would be $186.00. um, what? So I told him I would wait and try to do it on my own. He said it was difficult because it's an entire unit and not just one bulb. I went on my phone to search to see if this was accurate, hoping I could just replace a bulb, but found out I couldn't. I went on to Amazon and found this unit was such high reviews and less than half of what the dealer quoted. I was skeptical, but ordered it. I figured if I couldn't do it, I would just return it, and pay the dealer to install it. The item arrived within the week and it literally took me less than 3 minutes to do. I had the bit to remove the star shaped screws in my inspector gadget suitcase filled with tools that I had received as a gift after my divorce, and it was a piece of cake. I just made sure I looked at what needed to be connected to the new unit before disconnecting the old one (there are no instructions in the box). I like to save money when I can, and this was a great savings. The new unit has a nice snug rubber piece on the underside, which compared to my old one, was really good quality and it's nice and bright.

  • Brandon Sites - A male perspective on this product....

    ABOUT ME: Stylish male, early 30's. I wanted some plumping effect since my lips are a little on the thin side, but to also draw away attention away from my large forehead by drawing attention to my other features. I also wanted some glossing effect for healthier looking lips w/o it being overtly obvious that I was wearing makeup, b/c I was looking for a more natural look.