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  • Babys girl - I love this song

    I don't know why but I love this song. It seems to go straight to my heart. I don;t even kn0ow the words (Lyrics) yet!!! Tee Hee isn't that funny.....Mrs. Rebecca Anne Hecht

  • Michael - Nothing like trying to scare people into buying your crap software.

    I have to admit I don't have this product. I'm a recovering IT professional, so family and friends often come to me with problems. That's the case here.

  • superfrustratedman - Beautiful, powerful, and stuffed with features and options.

    Doesn't have nearly enough USB 2.0 ports on the motherboard(only 2) and you only have 1 if using the included mini screen for temps and overclocking. Other than that this motherboard is amazing, will not need another upgrade for many many years(unless they release a rampage VI :D)

  • texellence - Great appliance! Love it!

    Love this thing! A friend brought one on a retreat and everyone made their own for breakfast, so I purchased one from an amazon reseller and did the same thing: brought it into work for breakfast birthday monthly celebration. Just prepared the fruit ahead of time, and froze it as instructed. It was a real hit! This would be an amazing appliance if you have children! Nothing used but frozen fruit, although banana is a requirement , to be mixed with other fruits. As others have noted, some fruit remaisn in the appliance after you squish out your serving, but when you take it apart to clean it, that can be scraped off an eaten as wekk, so i did not see that as a detriment.

  • Melanie - This product is great and i would purchase again

    This product is great and i would purchase again. I tried it for the first time yesterday and it was very easy to apply. I use to see these advertised on IG all the time and wondered if it really worked. The first application showed me a different in the whiting of my teeth. I am very impressed with the product. I will also say the mouth guard is comfortable and dose not hurt.

  • Jonathan Strawn - Not always an easy read, but worth the effort

    Some of these stories are truly hard to read, because they are depressing. Some are hard to read because they just aren't that interesting. Some of these aren't even stories(a twitter feed).

  • M. Zychowski - Decent, missing some key features.

    I've owned this keyboard for a few weeks, after owning several mechanical/gaming keyboards over the years. I bought this to replace my Corsair K70RGB, in hopes to improve on the Cherry MX Brown switches I had on that board, and get a shorter keyboard (I got the tenkeyless "Tournament" Chroma version with clicky keys). I mainly use this keyboard to play CS:GO, which requires some amount of precise keying. Skip to the "Overview" if you don't care about detailed specifics.