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  • About Us - Palatin - Introduction to and overview of Palatin Technologies, which is developing therapeutics based on the melanocortin and natriuretic peptide systems for treatment of sexual dysfunction, heart failure, inflammatory diseases and other indications.
  • Heart Failure - Palatin - Palatin Technologies program to treat heart failure and related indicationsusing natriuretic peptide mimetic drug candidates.
  • Inflammatory Disease - Palatin - Treatment of inflammatory diseases and autoimmune indications using melanocortin receptor-1 peptide drug candidates
  • Obesity and Diabetes - Palatin - Palatin Technologies program to treat obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome with melanocortin receptor-4 peptide drugs.
  • Bremelanotide for Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) - Palatin - bremelanotide phase 2B clinical trials for female sexual dysfunction, poster presentations at scientific and medical conferences; clinical trial results
  • PL-3994 Heart Failure Posters - Palatin - PL-3994, atrial natriuretic peptide, clinical trial, preclinical studies, heart failure,poster presentations at scientific and medical conferences; clinical trial results

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  • Kent D. Cordill - Old expired product

    The product was expired. There was small print on the web page with the expired date, however I did not see it until after it arrived and investigated it. I assumed supplements and medications sold on Amazon were not old expired products. I was wrong. Beware!

  • Eleanor Scharf - Flex Belt

    I received and started using my belt. I try to use it every morning but have missed a few days. I started out with a pretty large and flabby stomach but the belt is definitely tightening up my muscles. I feel great after each session. It seems like it gets everything within my body awake and ready for the day. As I am also watching my diet closer I have lost pounds from dieting, My wife also uses it and is seeing results in her abs. She is also watching her diet and has lost pounds. We are sure the belt is helping and we will continue using the belt.

  • Suzanne M. Gautreau - Cat mousse for dermatology issue

    This was recommended to me by my vet. I tried the spray version but, as you know, cats don't like to be sprayed. This is so much easier to apply, has a nice scent and seems to be doing its job. I would recommend this to anyone with a cat who has dermatology issues to help keep the skin protected from breaking down.

  • Are you KIDDING?? - never received it.

    never received it. i ordered it. and waited. for like 2 months. i was without wireless connection..waiting for this.

  • Primer - that earns it an average score rather than great to excellent

    Intention of product was to clean a post cat sensor reading on Prius Gen 2, it didn't do the trick and didn't notice much of a difference in performance. Although that may not be the product's fault, that earns it an average score rather than great to excellent.

  • cint4rmheaven - DO NOT TAKE

    I took these pills the first morning with the vitamins that come with it and about an hour later felt very nauseous. I took it with my protein drink for breakfast and water and definitely do not like the way this product makes you feel. Still feeling sick 5 hours later. I read bad reviews on other sites that are not affiliated with the product and it had warning reviews about the amount of caffeine, etc in these pills that are known to cause heart attacks.