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  • Clinic - The Timothy Agnew Therapy clinic is a private rehabilitation clinic specializing in traditional kinesiology (the science of human movement) to treat a myriad of common issues. The difference? Our clinic not only treats, but educates on the prevention and maintenance of injuries and common posture dysfunctions.
  • Kinesiology for Rehabilitation - Traditional Kinesiology involves the science of muscle movement, not the "applied" version that often consists of nutritional supplements and other modalities.
  • Massage Therapy - Recent research suggests that massage therapy is beneficial in the treatment of pain, and is even more powerful as an adjunct to other modalities.
  • Posture and Movement Evaluation - The Timothy Agnew Clinic is proud to announce instant posture and movement evaluations
  • Schedule an Appointment - Schedule an appointment at the Timothy Agnew Clinic - Cold Laser/PEMF, Consulting, Kinesiology,Massage Therapy

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  • G. Smith - great time saver

    Fast, easy, almost fool-proof, and makes joints that are scary strong. The only way to make face frames or other connections where the joint won't show. The one caveat I will make is that screws can make a difference. If you buy cheap, off-brand screws, the chances of splitting and other problems greatly increases. Buy the Kreg, self-tapping screws in bulk and save yourself some heartache.

  • daalphine - Great version

    This is an excellent electronic version of the bible. It makes daily reading much more convenient. Functionality is good, however there are so many footnotes that turning the page can be difficult as you may accidentally direct to another area.

  • Rebecca J. - I liked this keyboard

    I liked this keyboard, but some of the keys stopped responding properly (switch chattering - it would either not work at all, or give me duplicate characters) after only a few months of use and I haven't yet had the time or motivation to mess around with it to try and fix it. My much cheaper Logitech keyboard has had zero issues for more than a year now, so I just switched them out and I'm using the Logitech instead. Overall, I was disappointed in the quality of this product versus its cost.