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  • Amy C. - hide-a-beer!

    A can cooler is such a great idea. I have several double wall insulted bottles for water and whatnot, but nothing to keep our cans and/or bottles just as cold. It is not often, but every once in a while, my hubby likes to take a beer with him out to a public event or the beach. This Cancooler is so discreet that nobody would have any idea what is in your can. I thought we really only needed one because we don't drink out of a can all that often. But we went out last week and brought a small cooler with some canned beverages. I realized then that it would be great to have at least a couple of these handy. I like my beverages very cold and this did a great job out in the Florida sun of keeping it plenty cold and yet not making my hands cold from holding it, nor did it condensate. I like the shape because it is comfortable to hold and easily fits in the car cup holder. Upon first look, I thought you simply slipped the can in the cancooler, but you do need to unscrew the black top first. Insert your can, put the lid on over the can or bottle, and screw back on. That rubber ring around the top holds the can perfectly in place so no worries of it slipping out from the coozie.

  • Amanda Neese - Two margaritas and this expansion pack make for a wonderfully fun time

    Two margaritas and this expansion pack make for a wonderfully fun time. Card quality is good, crazy phrases, super silly. Would buy again and would give it to my adult friends. HA! Too fun!

  • Jbeegoode - The skeptic finds out that this discovery is that important

    It is true, it just may be that important. The information, anecdotal and scientific in this book is convincing, but I was still skeptical when I tried it. The resulting difference was apparent in the first morning. The next morning took me by surprise, when I returned from the kitchen and realized that I didn't have my usual pain. Within two weeks my sciatica pain was all but gone. When one buys a product, they include a copy of the book. I've been giving them to my friends to read and gave one to my doctor, who was curious about the changes in my body.

  • L. Auger - Great and I've used them all

    I have owned the Fitbit Ultra (returned), Fitbit Zip (Lost) and Fitbit One (washing machine) in the past. The Fitbit Flex is great. My wife and I both purchased the FitBit Zip in January as a way to see if these tracker devices are all that great. We are fairly active people and log around 14-20 thousand steps a day. One of the problems with the Zip was that I would often forget to put it in my pocket in the morning. And I would also not put it in my pocket until I left the house, meaning a lot of my steps from the morning would not compute. I lost my zip and tried the One. One is great but again I had to take it off everyday and put it into the sleep band which was a pain. I have a friend who has the NIke Fuel Band, however it is more of a motivational tool than an accurate measure of your activity. It logs steps by waving it in the air :( . I was excited to hear about the Flex and wondered if it would suffer the same shortcomings of the Nike Fuelband. I was lucky enough to purchase one yesterday at Best Buy. I am very impressed so far. I did a walk yesterday of 4.5 miles using the NIKE GPS app and the fuelband was within 1/10th of a mile. Granted I had to calibrate the thing on the website before. I also commute to work (1 hour there and back) everyday and I was happy to see the Flex only logged 18 steps during the trip. I know my friends Fuelband calculates around 300-400 steps. I also work at a desk all day and it does not appear to log any steps while typing or moving my arms around :). Overall very happy and it seems the long wait to actually buy the device has been worth it. :)

  • Reader from Nebraska - Buying this is a big mistake

    It is worse than Vista. Tasks that should be quick and easy are an incredible chore. The use of my mouse to cut and paste has become a major hassle. Right now, I am trying to work with two Word documents at once. One is saved, and one is not--because I don't want to. I have to close out the first document to access the second. The whole program is poorly thought out. Don't waste your money.