Vertigo (Dizziness) Syndrome! | What is the Cause of Vertigo - The Disease Or the Treatment. - Many people are unaware of a good vertigo cure. Vertigo is the feeling of moving when you are still and is usually referred to as dizziness. It is estimated

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  • Linds - Viola! Trick the brewer into brewing whatever k-cup you want!

    I just purchased this and like everyone else I was extremely upset that not all the K-cups work in this brewer. I was about to return it but then I did some googling and found it is possible to trick the brewer into brewing any K-Cup you want! Here is the link explaining how:

  • Jack Howard - Forced update

    I had not updated Quicken in several years and was surprised in the changes. I tried to use another free financial software that high recommendations but it was a big disappointment. All I use the program for so to balance my checking and savings accounts so don't need all the extras. That is why I had not updated, but after having to change to Windows 8 I was forced to. I have used Quicken for many years and it seems to be a very good program.

  • MikeReedKS - A great workout!

    My wife loves this! She recommends it for anyone who just wants to get up and dance. Great collection of songs and the store lets you choose more to add to your collection. Why work out with a boring routine when you can shake your bootie, work up a sweat and have a lot of fun!

  • Nikki s. - I wouldn't buy again

    Ive used this product every time I wash my hair. I'm not sure what's so great about it. I thought it's suppose to strengthen the hair, detangler, make shine and all that jazz. I have long hair so detangler is something I look for. This product doesn't really detangle. It doesn't really add shine. Sometimes my hair feels fake from it.