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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • D. Schrecker - A perfect performance.

    I've read the other reviews listed here for this version of A Christmas Carol (or "Scrooge" as the movie was originally titled), and there isn't much more praise I can add that hasn't already been given.

  • mattyd - Not the same Damp-Rid I used to get.

    This stuff is white chips. When it dissolves, there is something that looks brown or gray left where the chip was, some kind of impurity. This stuff is white.

  • Amazon Customer - I was very excited to get his product. I ...

    I was very excited to get his product. I didn't realize I had a sensitive scalp until I applied this. I had to cease application due to a burning and itching sensation. I'm sure this product would have worked well but I wasn't able to continue using.

  • Hart - not helpful for too many areas

    I like Steves' books, but ordered this and the Mediterranean Cruise Port Book in preparation of a cruise that will take us to about 21 ports in Spain and Italy. The cruise port book failed to cover most of the ports we will be going to (bad), this one covered only one Spanish port town - Barcelona - which is covered word for word in the other book (worse)! Nothing on the Canary Islands? Valencia? Cartegena? HUH??? Yet there are chapters on Gibralter and Morocco?? In short.. if there is no table of contents in a Steves' book - don't buy it unless you like reading about places you are not going and not getting information about those you are.

  • William Carter - Well paced, interesting plot line

    From the opening scene introducing Ben and Eli to Epilogue the book held my interest. The pacing of the story was good throughout. It was compelling enough to keep me turning pages but not so fast that I couldn't absorb the details. The plot had well balanced mixture of predictable lines with expected conclusions, plausible surprises and alternate twists to expected resolutions. I was left wanting to read the next book.