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  • Dr. Chemistry - Lerosett Clay Mask-Fantastic

    My dermatologist got me started on Lerosett Clay Mask, after months of going back and forth with other treatments. I can not thank Dr Amerian enough. I knew she had a trick up her sleeve, because her reputation was the best. She gave me a tube of Lerosett and I have not looked back since. Nothing Is like this stuff from Sweden. You put it on your face and over the next 20 minutes you feel, acually feel the oil leaving your skin. Its not that Lerosett can't remove acne it's that it sucks out the oil and after twice a day for 3 days 1/2 and I mean half of my pimple were gone. Within 10 days I was 90% acne FREE. Lerosett can be hard to find, only certain experts have it. I just got on google, not only that Lerosett is like $30. I will never be without it, nor will my husband or my son who is 19 and hides his tube!! Oh by the way not a single chemical in the stuff!!

  • Bjart Bastos Eriksen - It could have been a bit more detailed

    As a helping hand for beginners this book gives you what you need to get going, but I believe that essentials should penetrate the "essentials" a bit more thorough through than what I have experienced up to now.

  • R. Scott Putnam - I think it must be like taking vitamins

    I haven't really felt the energy I was wanting but this product SHOULD be healthy for you. I drink mine with just 2 - 3 oz red grapefruit juice which is quite tasty. I got two of these and haven't decided if I will re-order.

  • Chen Sun - Unfair on high priced installation support

    My HP came with Norton antivirus trial, and I installed McAfee 2013, which seems to have worked. Norton still had residual components, but I can't recall whether this is due to Norton or McAfee removal processes. When I tried to update to McAfee 2014, I expected to simply enter in a new code-- maybe 5 minutes. Instead, the process turned in 70 minutes.

  • Nicholas - Nest melted our circuit breaker

    Nest technician caused our circuit breaker to melt down. Luckily, the electrical smoke didn't turn into a serious fire, but we were out $900 when Nest instructed us to use their a/c repairs to replace our melted breaker and submit our invoice for reimbursement. They then refused to pay the repairs.