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  • Hillaribeast - When you can afford the most expensive vitamins

    I have been looking for easy to use nutritional supplements containing a whole bunch of trace elements with atomic numbers lower than a North Korean periodic table. Of course the USRDA ratings on some of the vitamins are enough for a full grown elephant, so I only take about 1/4 the recommended dosage. This makes the product last longer and keeps the cost down. I feel fine and felt fine before I started taking it, so I don't see much of a change. I just mix it with cool, clean, filtered water, but it would be too sweet for my taste at recommended full strength.

  • Jon C - I have loved the program and up till lately have rarely needed ...

    As the owner of a small company I have been a loyal QuickBooks user for over twenty years. I have loved the program and up till lately have rarely needed customer service. I have run payroll, invoicing, inventory, bill paying with little problems. Over the last couple of years I have been reading worse and worse reviews of the customer service and have had the same issues that are all over the internet myself. I see this trend and I don't like that Intuit has not taken any noticeable steps to correct this. I have had a few calls where I could not understand the speakers English and just hung up,and long waiting time, etc. You say long wait times is due to a new release problem, how many years you been in business???, you should be able to know by now what the increase needs will be. Intuit please do not thank me for being a loyal customer, don't tell me you'll forward my comments to your Customer Service, tell me what steps you are taking to correct your falling image and poor service. For now we will not be upgrading to 2016 from 2013 and will try out some of your competition. The internet is powerful, we as individuals can decide whether Intuit will wake up and do the right thing. Please comment your experience.

  • Phyllis Wheatley - Buyers Beware - Customer Service Charges Fees

    Any new buyer of any Quicken product should be aware that if you go onto their customer service website (where their telephone directs you and then promptly hangs up on you), you will be charged. I was fine with Quicken 2008 until my hard drive was replaced. I installed my old 2008 software and all i needed was my original serial number but when I went onto their help site, they wanted to charge me $38 for help !!!!

  • roy erno - Good product

    Good product, performs as advertised, timely delivery, quality craftmanship, durable, reliable and easy to install and use. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for quality and dependability.

  • Thomas Wong, Author of "101 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic" - A Powerful Antidote for the Quarterly Profit Trap

    In times of economy downturn and falling quarterly profit, reducing workforce and defaulting inventories seem to be a quick answer to restore corporate health. Unfortunately, they often destroy the weak foundations on which many corporations are built today. The advices and rescue efforts from management gurus often fail to work. This leads one to wonder if there are better solutions. And there are. According to Mr. Collins and his research team, companies who make the leap from good to great can survive and even prosper during tough times.

  • Kindle Customer - U never disappoint me

    U are an amazing writer luciunda u are my favorite... I know this is not the end of mayhem Ramsey and maleek I'm so anticipating the spin off.... Let me say this is a must read