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  • bobzdar - Great buy, especially if you like growlers!

    I was a doubter until I poured half of a Corona light through it and tried it back to back. It actually made it drinkable as it removed some of that cheap beer harshness! Perfect for 64oz growlers. Put the growler in with a little ice and you have cold beer on tap for hours. I bring mine camping, get 4 or 5 growers filled for the weekend and enjoy beer on tap all weekend. Gets rid of the harshness of some beers and generally improves the experience with few exceptions. Sours were not as good and it brought out some off notes in one other fruit beer, but everything else was as good or better through the fizzics. Works well with bottles and cans, but really shines with large format bottles and growlers.

  • Joe Seda - A great reference book on the use of herbs and mineral ...

    A great reference book on the use of herbs and mineral supplements to help actually heal not to just mask symptoms. A must for any health conscious person. Reinforces my opinions formed after years of medical experience (as a patient)

  • Ksusha - not very great experience

    The device came in okay condition but afer about an day of on and off use it started to have problems. The back piece of the device fell off and the pads stopped being sticky. I ended up through the thing out because it was worthless after a week. It was great while it worked but it is not very durible and not get pads. I ended up going to the chiropractor instead and getting a T.E.N.S. machine through the insurance company.