The IBD Immunologist - This site is dedicated to helping you learn the basic immunology needed to understand inflammatory bowel disease and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

  • About Me - I created the IBD Immunologist site to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for immunology research, especially in relation to inflammatory bowel disease. My site discusses current research in these areas.
  • Resources - This page contains links to information about IBD and immunology funding, trials and literature.
  • Learning about Inflammatory Bowel Disease - If you need to learn more about the immunology behind inflammatory bowel disease, then you have to come to the right place. In depth literature reviews and background information will help you understand what you need to know.
  • What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease? - What is inflammatory bowel disease? Symptoms, the general pathology, risk factors and common treatments for Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis are discussed.
  • Basic Immunology - Visit to learn more about basic immunology including the innate and adaptive immune systems. This information is geared towards a better understanding of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • 5 Hot Topics in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research - We discuss the most exciting inflammatory bowel disease research trends. Included are topics like microbiota, parasitic worms and the brain-gut axis.
  • The Immune System in the Healthy Gut – The IBD Immunologist - Need to know more about how the gut stays healthy? From plasma cells to T cells, mucus and microbiota, we describe what's going on in simple language.
  • Macrophages Like IL-10 and DNA Methylation Regulates Tregs – The IBD Immunologist - This week on TIBDI, we learn about the necessity of IL-10 signals for gut macrophages and the ways that DNA methylation influences colon Treg proliferation.
  • Vedolizumab Looks Promising and PPARδ Initiates Inflammation – The IBD Immunologist - This week on TIBDI: Vedolizumab is gut specific, PPARδ is involved in inflammation, and the segmented filamentous bacteria to induce gut lymphoid tissues.
  • Notch for Oral Tolerance and Integrin Targeting in Crohn’s Disease – The IBD Immunologist - This week on TIBDI! Notch signaling is needed for antigen sampling macrophages, and blocking integrins on T cells leads to less migration and colitis.

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