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  • Daniel J. Mandli - Excellent Rain Jacket

    The Marmot Precip is a great rain jacket. Have worn it in a couple decent rains for hours and it has kept me bone dry as well as my goretex coat. The jacket is very light and at times, I do not even know I have it on. Not sure how it would hold up under the strain of a pack and heavy duty hiking, but I bought it more as a casual rain coat. So far I am extremely pleased with the Precip. The price was also too hard to pass up!

  • DrFox - I like these a lot

    I like these a lot. I am a med student and I often feel myself needed a bit of a pick me up. It is not always possible to make or buy a coffee, so these are great. They can be mixed into any liquid and are completely tasteless. The provide as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Perfect! I would definitely recommend these.

  • matt burgard - Meh not bad great for a social function but not long term

    It is a nice alternative to shaving. It does work but takes multiple usings. For my arms and armpits took 2-3 treatments for the hair to be gone. Hair started to grow back in 3-4 days.

  • gypsy lady - One of the Best

    I have a library of natural healing/natural lifestyle books and I'm happy to add this book as one of my favorites. I stay away from doctors and am not one to take pharmaceutical drugs, preferring natural remedies, but now I have some guidance from a medicinal chemist who thoroughly explains what to take, the reasons, and suggestions on where to purchases them.

  • amazonprankster - Great for Pole Dancing

    Bought this to help with my grip during pole dancing lessons. It has really been useful to stop my hands from slipping down the pole as I try to learn. It stops the sweat completly and has a nice tacky feel to it. Good for helping you stay in place, however do not use if you intend to do any spinning moves, as the tackiness will prevent you from spinning. The only thing about this product is it makes my hands incredibly dry after use, even when I wash and lotion my hands right after, they still are very dry. I suppost this drying effect is just part using any kind of calk though, I haven't used any other types and don't have any reference of comparison. I thought the bottle was really small for the price, but a little bit of the product goes a long way. I will most likely be buying again when I run out.

  • Uniquelyroos - I knew the Obama's and Clintons hated each other but not how deep it went

    Received the Kindle version yesterday and stayed up till 3am finishing it. Explains so much about the FBI investigation and Comey.

  • Tim Benton - This stuff is crazy

    My friend recommended this stuff to me because it worked for a persistent stain he had. I ordered it and received it quickly. I first tried it on a golf shirt that had three blue stains the size of dimes on it, which came from an unknown source. I had tried several times to get the stains out and the shirt had been washed multiple times, so the stains were basically a part of the shirt at that point, and I was not too hopeful. I doused the stains several times and really used more that it called for because I didn't think it would work. I scrubbed the stains several times with a toothbrush and left the stained areas wet for a few hours, then washed it. To my surprise, all the stains were gone when it came out of the wash. Another way I used it was on a persistent grease stain on another shirt. Once again, I doused the heck out of it and scrubbed it with a toothbrush, and then let it sit, and then washed it. Once again, the stain was gone. I will always keep this on hand and would recommend anyone else to have some also. It is cheap, and it works. Thank you!