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  • Blanca E. Rodriguez - I really like Frankincense oil because it offers a wide range of ...

    I recently bought an essential oil diffuser in an effort to alleviate some health issues by using aromatherapy. I really like Frankincense oil because it offers a wide range of health benefits. It's a well known fact that Frankincense oil was one of the first gifts given to Jesus by the wise men. The word Frankincense comes from the word “franc encens” which translates to "quality incense" in old French.

  • Roy W. Montgomery Jr. - Predictable

    It seemed like about 10% of the time I was able to predict which number was next. It was still better than Life of Pi which, aside from being irrational, included no estimations of Pi at all.

  • Lloyd Calihan - donot purchase from supplier

    the item never arrived they kept telling me it was enroute and it did not have tracking number which was lame excuse they then gave me numbers to download it and they were not correct conclusion this was bogus

  • Amazon Customer - No budgeting; Mobile Issues (release 6)

    The 2013 budgeting feature has been nerfed. You may only enter monthly amounts now. There is no longer the ability to select a time period for the amount and have it amortize or replicate this amount. Example 1: I want to save an equal amount each month for my annual insurance payment of say $100. I now have to manually calculate $100/12 months and enter this amount vice selecting $100/year for the category. Example 2: I want to budget $200/week for a family of four for groceries. Now, I have to divide this by 7 and multiply it by the number of days in the month. Then, I have to do this for each month separately. Example 3: I want to schedule $150 of quarterly auto maintenance. I have to divide the amount by three then enter it, vice selecting quarterly. One of the key tenets of a budget is to keep the monthly outputs even so that you don't have high and low months. Therefore, most people either amortize their big expenditures as small amounts monthly, or stack their daily/weekly requirements to build the monthly requirement. For a business, this becomes even more important. This is quite a step backward, as a spreadsheet is now more capable than the budgeting tool, which has been touted as an "improvement." It was bad enough that you "hid" this as the Advanced Budgeting Tool in 2012. (This was where you could place an amount and select from daily/weekly/twice per month/monthly/etc. by category.) I have requested a refund for 2013 solely for this inability. And, I have a feeling I will not be the last to do so.

  • Sherlock72 - best price

    I have a difficult time finding hair products that actually work without making my head itch. This is one of the beltway I have come across. It's not sticky and doesn't weigh down your hair. Another plus is that it is half the price of what retail stores charge!

  • Fishing Ace - A very good hotspot--- but dont buy this item!!! Read why below

    Freedompop has done society a huge favor by creating a way to get a limited amount (500Mb) of free internet access on a monthly basis.