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  • T. Shedden - Intro-Tech Sun Visor for 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek

    I've only used it 2 times this summer so I don't know if it keeps the car cooler. The one thing I can tell you is that it does fit perfect and the only negative so far is it is bulky. I have it for a 2014 Subura XV Crosstrek and there's no place I can put it that is not in the way.

  • Clark - Excellent Photo Quality

    This is the best camcorder I have ever used. Affordable and worth every penny of it. The videos are amazing as it feels like you are there when watching them. The image is so clear and amazing. This is a very nice portable camcorder that works great & highly recommend.

  • Steven Moore - Words don't do it justice

    Go to the beach. Find a beached whale in the summer heat. Climb inside its colon. Pull a Tupperware bowl out of your pocket. Scrape off some of the decaying flesh that has liquefied and bottle it up. Then you can climb out. Take that bottled up putrescence and add about 12 fluid ounces of diarrhea from the neighbor's sick dog. Stir it up. Slosh it around. Get it good and mixed. Set it to the side for now. Then go find a farm. Find the fattest cow you can. Pull another bowl out of your pocket. Walk behind said cow and catch some of the green mud that flows out from under those beast's tails. Head back home. Keep an eye out for fresh roadkill on the way. Found some? Good. Step out and grab some meat that has maggots on it. Your gonna wanna bag some of that up. When you get home, grab the first bowl of funk you made and add it to the cow mud. Then add in your rotting maggot flesh. Then add 2 raw eggs. Stir it up until it is all one big goopy liquid. By now I'm sure you'll be thirsty. You can run to the store and grab a Gatorade. You've earned it. But leave your concoction of stank at home. You don't want people asking questions. Drink your Gatorade. Cleanse your system for what you're about to do to it. Call your mother and apologize for everything you did to her when you were a child. Then gracefully tell her bye. Then crack your knuckles and have a seat. Then what you're gonna do is slowly exhale and find your happy place. Once there, stick your nose right above your bowl of death. Slowly lift the lid and take a whiff of the warm aroma that is seeping out. Your life will flash before your eyes. You'll hear the spirits of your ancestors crying over the smell you've created. You'll be able to see sounds and taste colors. But your sense of smell will never be the same. If you are unable to perform the above actions, save some time and just buy a bottle of this stuff they're legally selling on Amazon. You'll get the same reaction. My daughter is anosmic. And after I took a whiff of the foulness in this bottle, I realized she is lucky that she will never have to experience the hell that I did when I smelled this stuff. I ordered this bottle because I turned in a notice to my boss that I found a new job. On my last day, I am painting the whoooooole office building with this stuff. Here in a few days, if you turn on the news and they're talking about calling in the national guard to contain the smell on the eastern half of the country, you will know that I succeeded.

  • Giulia Alva - In Love ^_^

    Totally love this Majestic Pure Frankincense! Went great with other mediums to make a perfume and an air freshener. A little goes a long way! Amazing. Should stock up before price goes up as they usually do with these sorts of products.