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  • kendra finney - Oouuuu

    Oh my goodness Chrissy j y would u ever end that book like that I just knew it wasn't gonna be no drama I need parts on part2 ASAP I love this book

  • Robin Fuchs - Scam

    Be aware that this a rip off! I purchased this online for my daughter who was having difficulty with her 7 year old son. I am a senior on fixed income but thought to get the program for free plus $19.00 shipping was fair. 30 days later a charge of $109.00 was put on my credit card. Needless to say, I called the toll free number to find out what it was for. I was treated like a criminal. The representative informed me that if I had read The terms and Conditions on the web site, I would have known that $109 would be charged each month for 3 months.

  • Susan Dane - Don't Buy!!!

    On our second machine in 60 days. The first one's water pump stopped working in the first 30 days and now the replacement is starting to have similar issues. Slow brew and not brewing the full cup size. Hate this new unit and will be looking for another brand of single brew. I've been a Keurig fan for years but no longer and it's not even the stupid kcup restrictions now, it's the quality of the new units!!

  • Bren - So so software

    Was hoping this would be comparable to American Greetings creata card which I have had for 20 years. I still prefere my old software to this one.

  • Carol A. Fraser - I liked April more when she was a Chatty Kathy goof-up

    Some of the story line is getting stale. Really sick of seeing April and Jackson fight about the same things. Their fights are not based on any type of reality I have ever witnessed (and I am 60!). I liked April more when she was a Chatty Kathy goof-up, and when Avery and Sloan were the Plastics Dream Team. They are just way too intense these days. ALL the characters are WAY too uptight. GEZZ! But then - I do miss the good ole days when everyone was mostly happy getting laid in the on-call room. But I will watch to the end now.

  • Me and My Boys - Update after 3 years(Feb 15, 2011) It has literally changed my life -- no joke!

    I've been taking Threelac for one month now at 2 pack per day. I had recently been diagonosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The pain and fatigue was so severe, that I could not function normally, (and I have young kids at home)and 85% of each day was spent in the bed (By the way, I'm only 31) I would do what was necessary for my kids and the rest of the days I spent in the bed. I wasn't satisfied with the diagnoses of fibromyalgia or CFS, so I started HUNTING down research on what's really wrong with me. That's when I discovered it was candida and miserably failed the saliva test plus all the online assessments. I realized my candida got out of control because I had been on at least 9 courses of antibiotics for recurrent upper respitory infection and ear infection over an 18 month period plus had major surgery where they pumped me full of antibiotics as a precautionary measure.

  • robert - welll it meet my expection!!

    welll it was nice and easy install i didnt like on how long it took to get here a month really but dont get me wrong after setting it up it amazed me on what all you can do out it