Tampa Hormone Replacement Therapy Anti Aging Clinic - Tampa health center clinic specializing in IV therapy, prolotherapy, anti aging treatments and hormone replacement therapy for men and women.

  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/contact/ Contact The Center for Health and Age Management - We are a Tampa health center located at 3522 W Azeele Street Tampa, FL 33609. Call 813-384-3107 to schedule an appointment.
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/dr-michael-heim/ About Dr. Michael Heim, D.O. - Tampa Bay, Florida - Dr. Michael Heim's goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to your medical care in Tampa Bay.
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/services/intravenous-nutrition/ Tampa IV Vitamin Therapy - Myers Cocktail IV - Dr. Heim - Dr. Heim in Tampa Bay provides Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy to better the lives of each of his patients. Myers cocktail IV done here.
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/services/prolotherapy-prp/ Tampa Prolotherapy, PRP Treatments - Regenerative Medicine - Tampa prolotherapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments are non-surgical, regenerative injections that heal your body. Learn more from Dr. Heim..
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/services/anti-aging-medicine-medicine-tampa/ Tampa Anti Aging Medicine and Treatment - Dr. Michael Heim - The right lifestyle changes and anti-aging treatments can restore the vitality of youth and drastically improve your health. Learn more..
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/detoxification/ Tampa Detoxification - Natural Detox Health Services - Tampa┬ádetoxification expert Dr. Michael Heim can help you restore and recover your body health. Schedule your appointment today.
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/services/tampa-weight-loss-hcg/ Tampa HCG Medical Weight Loss Clinic - Tampa, FL - Tampa HCG Medical Weight Loss and Detox Program That Actually Works. Physician Supervised Weight Loss Cleanse With Dramatic Results.
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/services/primary-care/ Tampa Primary Care Physician Dr. Michael Heim - Dr. Heim takes the time to develop a meaningful physician - patient relationship to better understand your specific health needs for the best primary care.
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/services/female-hormone-replacement/ Natural Female Hormone Replacement in Tampa - With bio-identical hormones we can return your hormone levels to youthful levels, restoring the energy and zest for life that you once had.
  • http://tampahealthcenter.com/male-hormone-replacement/ Tampa Male Hormone Replacement Therapy - Andropause - Need a testosterone boost? Dr. Michael Heim provides fast hormone replacement therapies for men in Tampa Bay. Let's talk today.

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