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  • Internationale Versicherungen - Swisscare - Internationale Versicherungen - Swisscare bietet online internationale Kranken- und Reiseversicherungen für Expats, Reisende und Studenten weltweit.
  • Assurances internationales - Swisscare - Assurances santé, voyages et étudiants internationales proposées par Swisscare. En quelques minutes, calculez votre prime et affiliez vous en ligne.
  • Seguro internacional - Swisscare - Seguros de viaje y seguros de salud internacional para particulares y empresas
  • 国际网上健康保险和旅行保险 - Swisscare - Swisscare 提供国际健康保险,旅行保险,学生保险和人寿保险。 您可以在几分钟内,获得报价并且网上购买保险。
  • Медицинская международная страховка для работы за рубежом - Swisscare - Swisscare предлагает медицинское страхование для выезда за границу и страховки для иностранных студентов. Всего за несколько минут Вы узнаете свой тариф и сможете сделать заказ через сайт.
  • International health insurance - Swisscare - International health insurance for expatriates, staff of mission, ngos, cern mpa, international organisations, diplomates. Buy online your insurance.
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  • Foreign student health insurance Neuchâtel - Swisscare - Foreign student health insurance Neuchâtel of Swisscare is accepted by the health authorities. Especially for students from third countries. Get it online !
  • Company information - Swisscare - Company information : Short view in the management team of Swisscare, the locations and the licenses of the company.
  • Student insurance Estonia - Swisscare - Student insurance Estonia, the online health insurance for students in Estonia. The insurance is recognised by the local law.
  • Student insurance Finland - Swisscare - Student insurance Finland for foreign students, interns, au pairs, phds, postdocs, lecturers living temporarily in Finland. Buy your insurance online.
  • Student insurance Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Swisscare - Student insurance Switzerland for foreign students, interns and au pairs. Apply online before departure or in Switzerland. Get your Swiss Student Visa.
  • Student insurance USA - Swisscare - Student insurance USA online. Get your J1 or F1 visa for the USA. The HCCMIs plan is recognized in the majority of universities and US department.
  • International student insurance - Swisscare - International student insurance for students, interns, au pairs, phds, postdocs, lecturers and their family members. Full online with customer account.
  • International travel insurance - Swisscare - International travel insurance with medical cover, assistance 24/7 and lots of options. You can buy online and get your certificate instantly by email.
  • Schengen visa insurance - Swisscare - Schengen visa insurance online. Buy in few minutes, pay by credit card, get instantly your certificate by email. Insurance valid for all Schengen countries

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    I have trouble with my wrists because I've been over-using them for about fifteen straight years. I spend most of my time on the computer for work and then come home and use the Internet. I replaced my work mousepad with this one, and I would definitely do it again. It's not a magic bullet for the wrist strain, but it reduces the discomfort.

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