RBC Race for the Kids September 8 2016 - RBC Race for the Kids - RBC Race for the Kids supports the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook, and helps families with youth mental health issues. Choose 5k, 7k, or 15k runs.

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City: -104.9459 Colorado, United States

  • LiveLife - Nice

    I like how there are not as many additives in this product compared to regular shampoos, but I prefer Simply U. My hair is thick and this conditioner makes it a little to frizzy. After a few weeks it started to calm down and become soft and shiny.

  • Southern Blessings - Great Cleaner!

    I decided to try KIDS 'N' PETS on an old set in stain on a rug where one of my chihuahuas had an accident. It looked really bad. Since it was an old stain, I let it set around 15 minutes. Then I blotted it up, and I could see the stain lift up onto the towel I was using. It got most of the stain out on one try. I think if I would have let it set longer, the whole stain would be gone.

  • S. Bynum - Great video

    We purchased this video after attending a concert - it was a great experience and the video is a great reminder, thanks CSN.

  • G. Dedman - GREAT Product!!!!

    I was in the car, on my way to the store, when I heard a commercial for this product. At the time, I wondered if I would be able to make it into the store because of the pain in my hip. I had been diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and physical therapy had done little to improve it. As hard as it was for me to believe, after using Australian Dream for one day, my pain was drastically reduced. In less than a week, I had NO pain. In a little over a year, using it in the morning and before bed at night, I rarely have any pain. When I do, it is eased quickly after applying this product. I now use it on my knees as well. I have no idea how it works, but I guarantee it does!

  • Amazon Customer - My Booty Belt thoughts

    The Booty Belt is wonderful. Each time I use it I can feel it sculpting my body. I learned that by stretching the bands out first the bands get much easier to use. Since we all need to get in shape. I have recommended this product to friends and family.