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  • TastySiomai - Better then nothing

    Does what it does. You end up losing the biggest cup holder in your car (No more 42oz), but well worth the sacrifice of having nowhere to put your other arm. You'll need tools to put it in. Philips screw driver and a socket wrench with an extension bar. I think i used a 13 or 14

  • Samantha - Great game

    My son loves this game! He's 6 and it's easy enough for him to figure out on his own. I like how he has the option to free roam or he can follow the story and play it out. I have actually enjoyed playing this game with him.

  • JetLag - Sleepy head loves her sleepy time tea!

    My wife loves this tea. She does get sleepy after sleepy time, but I think she is just exhausted when she slows down with enough time to drink the tea. Who knows, she loves it though!!!

  • Charlemagne - Useful, great map

    Useful, great map. Some recommendations didn't live up to their review, but overall, I'd recommend to get if you need a compact resource for getting around HK.

  • mom416 - Pleased customer!

    wow! I'm a AAF and in all my days and years of having relaxed hair I have never expirenced my hair being so soft, and manageable. I bought this yesterday at lunch and decided to put it

  • Bornshallow - most gas ever

    Yeah what they said is true about the gas... My wife Complained of an inability to poo so haribo came to the rescue... Lol awesome. 5-10 of these and she exploded. No more inability to poo!

  • Kindle Customer - Good Book

    Microsoft Outlook 2010 Step by Step is a very good reference and instruction book for MS Outlook 2010. I actually haven't used Outlook in a few years, so it was a good catcher upper, and even though I now own MS Outlook 2013 (no books on it yet), this book worked just fine for my version. It's very detailed with tons of helpful graphics and designs and I found nearly everything I needed to find in the book, with one exception that I had to Google. It's a pretty exhaustive book and most readers will likely find it more than suits their needs for learning this program. Recommended.