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  • Deb w. - Avoid if possible!!!

    I have too many Cutci pieces to mention from Knife set to garden tools! I have fallen prey many times to "my nieces' friend is selling Cutco. You don't have to buy but just let her give you the presentation.....!" Shield your heart! These kids are trained extremely well. Top quality at a ridiculous price when you first receive them but the sharpening is more ridiculous! You either pay a huge shipping fee to send them back for "free" sharpening or someone comes to your house, does a mediocre job and then tries to sell you more. AVOID unless you just want to help someone out.

  • -anonymous - Love it!

    I use it at least 6 times a week. I prefer to lie down and watch a video as I use it. I go for the 40 minutes time and adjust the stimulating pulse to a comfortable setting - not too strong or soft. I love this product. I had a 47 inch waist and I feel the use of this product is reducing it's size - gradually. I have changed my diet as certain foods I was eating were causing my stomach to be distended. Also noticing more tone. I do not exercise.

  • x_Warrior - Smooth installation from CD and updated cleanly online.

    Just received the package in the mail and installed on Windows 7 Professional. Applied the current update, registered the product, downloaded the free Living Trust software and downloaded the free copy (PDF) of Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law. I had read other reviews discussing problems with the install, so I wanted to get that part done and then give this partial review. Over then next few weeks I'll be using the software and will update my review for the product functionality then. The book looks like an easy read too.

  • ManaY - Nice subtle calm

    The CALM NOW Anxiety relief and stress support supplement arrived just as pictured and expected. This came in a nice sealed bottle. I Like the natural blend of ingredients. This bottle is clam looking and inviting in my opinion. I say this because it got my hubs attention. He is a huge supplement person. This was inviting enough for him to take the time to look into it and read on it very well. He wants to take it also, of course he will research the effects and interactions with the others he takes first. I think the natural ingredients are a good blend and make you relax easier and just balance those feels of anxiety. This provides a subtle calm and last for a while. I love that there are B vitamins in this as well. That totally helps with the energy. I would recommend for sure.

  • Mark P. - This little computer Make's your smart TV a Genius

    This little computer Make's your smart TV a Genius! I especially recommend that you plug it into a Wired Ethernet Converter to increase the performance of this computer many times over and have a stutter free experience. Well worth the price I paid for it by far.

  • J Boland - Don't waste your money

    I have a 1997 jeep wrangler with a black hardtop. I bought this product because of all the promises it made to restore and renew. It didn't even cover half of my hardtop and what it did cover only lasted a few days. RIP OFF, DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Warren Dunston - Hair Greese

    I love this hair care product, it really works well and seem to promote hair growth, Four more words ok.