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  • Kendall Cork - Great GC supplement!

    Almost any company that makes supplements has their version of Garcinia Cambogia. This will definitely work as Vitovia makes a great strong product. This means that this is more pure and you will be getting and see many more benefits. After starting to take this, within the first few days I noticed my energy levels improving. This wasn't a caffeine type energy, just an overall well being and alertness. I also noticed I wasn't snacking as much between meals. These pills don't have much of a smell nor does it give a foul aftertaste that some give. I have a feeling with a much regular and extended use, I will start reaching my weight loss goals. This is something that actually works and isn't just a fad. This is a healthy alternative to a slow, steady, and maintainable weight loss. You will definitely see results without adding extra exercise or changing your diet, but it will work much faster with that.

  • carrie mcgill - very annoying and disappointing

    On my second one and still doesn't work, retried with fresh batteries twice, very annoying and disappointing

  • Mike Konkin - Do not waste money!

    Hi, first of all passed my NCLEX-RN but not because of these cds. They are not advanced enough for today's nclex-RN. It is outdated. Some incorrect information. It should be updated and taken off market until finished. Watch YouTube videos there is some good information on there. Save your money and time!

  • D. Faller - Best Bike mag available....

    "for the common cyclist"..not the one that wants to read about a $5000 new fangled creation way out of their price range. Has a 'hip' tone---not for supporting the products of large corporations. Great read.......

  • picky - finally, I got mine.

    It's a great buy. I had been looking for a "complete" set of SAE and metric wrenches in local home center and hardware stores for a couple of months (for some DIY jobs on my cars). What disappointed me time over time is that no store seems to carry any reasonably "complete" wrench sets (SAE, Metric or both). After many visits and disppointments to the different local stores, I finally gave up and came back searching over my Amazon. A couple of clicks away, there it is. This Tekton 1916 has been waiting for me to pick. I am very happy to have the sets. It seems to have all the sizes I may need for my DIY jobs. I have just used the 19 mm with a 14 mm from a previous small set (5 pieces only with many sizes missing. I want to keep the new 14 mm new for now) to adjust the driver side tie rod end (replacement part) for the steering system of my car (please don't mess with yours if you don't know how). They fit and work perfectly. The vanadium steel is realy hard to beat. I now know Tekton as well. By the way, there is no missing or duplicating sizes in the set. They are as complete as in the descriptions. They smell as good as all the hardworking good tools do.

  • JB West - Great Author

    Good instruction.. Easy to find what you want to learn more about.. Nothing is going to be too difficult to understand and learn..