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  • Robert - Not the best but would work great as a mono ear piece x2

    They sound great when they work but in my limited experience only one of the bear buds work consistently. The other cons and goes. The fit in the ear okay and didn't fall out that easily so that was a plus

  • J.T. - Good Running Shoe

    This shoe has served as a great replacement for my old worn down pair of running shoes. I used a website to find which shoes were similar to the shoes I had been using and these showed up. I would say the website nailed it. They feel similar to my old shoes. Overall i would say they're your basic pair of running shoes, lots of sole and a drop that compliments heel to toe running technique.

  • Amazon Customer - so glad I did

    Decided to give this product a try after getting back in the gym following the birth of my son, so glad I did. I was looking for an extra boost and a product to help push me through my entire workout, Myobuild is now my go to!!

  • Patrick M. - Embarrassed to say it was too complicated for me. ...

    Embarrassed to say it was too complicated for me. I watched some videos on YouTube that helped me get done what I needed.

  • Amazon Customer - those that need robust accounting tools will really appreciate the software

    Powerful accounting or bookkeeping software for your business. Yearly support services require you to purchase annually and this is trending with what the industry is doing with Office Software and also with accounting software. Quickbooks only supports a few years before it no longer is supported and is essentially obsolete.

  • Rue Facile - Bet your life on this TV! Best picture ever!

    When I found out that Samsung accepted human kidneys as a form of payment I was overjoyed. The price was one and a half kidneys so I told em to keep the change and just take both of them. I'm just out of surgery and the set looks great in the ICU...well from the bed I can see half of it in the nurse's station. Funny...I didn't think you could survive without any kidn

  • Janelstarz - Easy to swallow

    It is essential that people expecting to have a baby or planning to become pregnant take a prenatal vitamin. I have been taking them for years so I have tried a lot of different kinds. I really like that these supplements are in a powder form in a capsule. The capsule makes it easier for them to go down my throat smoothly. I have taken other prenatal vitamins in the past that have a rough texture that were hard to swallow and another that were smooth but very chalky and I didn't like the after taste. The only thing I wish were different is I wish the serving size was just one capsule per day. This is the first prenatal vitamin I have taken where I had to take two capsules per serving. Although they are easy to swallow I'd rather just swallow one capsule per day. Rather than taking two at one time, I prefer to take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening. Since some supplements doesn't absorb in your body as well, I am hoping that by taking them at two different times during the day, that my body will be able to absorb the most amount of the vitamins as possible. This prenatal vitamin has all the essential vitamins that you need and the doses of each are comparable to other prenatal vitamins that I have taken. Good luck on your adventure to a healthy baby! This product was received for free in exchange for my honest review. If you found this review helpful please click Yes below.