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  • the german - worked

    My pool and spa was leaking about up to 1/2 an inch per day. I couldn't find an obvious leak anywhere even though i spent a lot of time with a syringe and food dye going over every inch of the pool and spa. I suspected that the leak was in the plumbing lines of the hot tub. I followed the instructions to the "T", took out the filter, turned off the chlorine makers and turned on the pump. I poured 8oz of the liquid sealer into the spa right over one of the drains and the milky material dropped to the bottom and disappeared in the drain.

  • KAREN OLDENBURG - Don't bet on it

    There are so many distributors I wouldn't bet on any of the positive results being real. There is no way the wraps are permanent . And the fat fighter advertises you can eat what you want, well I gained a few pounds instead. And beware of constipation. If they really worked every doctor would be supplying them for their over weight patients. The distributors are everywhere and its mostly their constant feed on facebook and all over trying to hype it up. If its too good to believe , it is