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  • forrie lowell - The Best version comes to Blu-Ray!! (a blu-ray review only)

    A Christmas tradition every year is to watch some media version of Dicken's Classic "A Christmas Carol", Of all the scores of versions which have come out over the years in color, animation, with lots of computer inhancements, NONE hold a candle to this 1951 British adaptation of the classic short story,

  • james w hobbs iii - Excellent documentary!

    if you have ever wondered why Obama made certain decisions, this movie will explain why. And, if you have ever wonderd who's side Obama is fighting for this movie will explain and justify your concerns. Excellent documentary!!!

  • G. Bainer - Love my new PS4!

    Sony did not disappoint with the newest console...I love pretty much everything about it, but if one thing stands out, it's the major improvement of the controller. It is a vast improvement on the Dual Shock 3. The light is a bit weird, but I understand it has a purpose, as it can be used something like the PS move controller in some applications. Otherwise, the controller is pretty much perfect.