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  • john2105 - dissapointed with quickbooks

    Along with other problems i had with the software, just received a notice that i need to upgrade from 2007 version to 2010 within 4 weeks, for $159.00

  • Denise Van plew - satisfy the craving

    If not mistaken this author has not written many but fortunate for us readers she has chosen a series in paranormal. She will get you involved right away with Prince Kael whom will have a big upset. Whom he thinks caused it will also pull on emotional strings (just like this author does) with Cara being a suspect. When it is unraveling we get to be right there every step of the way. She will give us how love will conquer prejudice also. It will also be hard not to become attached to this prince because he belongs to someone else. I find it exhilarating reading love/hate battles seeing who will come out on top. By the time it is finished unraveling with final outcome you will have been melted by heat and satisfied your craving for suspense. Good beginning also in this series.

  • George Rye - best filter ever

    fits as a perfect replacement for my car. will never use another brand again. Very reliable, I guarantee and support this product.

  • Lori H. - engineered to fail

    I would have given it 4 stars if it hadn't suddenly quit working after 3 months. It worked great and was a welcomed replacement of cruddy old one with coils that never really got hot. Probably it's the thermal fuse problem that others have mentioned, although I can testify that I never had it up against anything; it was in the middle of a large table, away form the wall. Dead and unfixable, it's now a waste of money- warantee says they'll replace it within a year if you pay the $12 shipping:(