Welcome to Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy | Rockford Illinois | Customized Medications - RVCRX is a new, state-of-the art compounding lab in the heart of the Rock Valley. Our pharmacists work closely with patients and their health care providers to create customized medicines to treat specific needs.

  • http://rvcrx.com/about.html About Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Rock Valley Compounding pharmacy was founded by its Pharmacist-owner, Jon Lehan, PharmD. Dr. Lehan is a fourth-generation pharmacist and grew up working in his parents' independent pharmacy in DeKalb, IL
  • http://rvcrx.com/rac/index.php Welcome to Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Request more information about Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy by filling out our online form.
  • http://rvcrx.com/pain_management.html Pain Management | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Controlling pain requires a comprehensive approach. Our pharmacy can help provide unique and cutting-edge therapies for helping you and your physician manage difficult-to-treat pain.
  • http://rvcrx.com/dental.html Dental | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Our compounding pharmacy solves tough medication problems, both in and out of the dentists' chair. Our customized preparations are commonly used to manage a variety of dental problems.
  • http://rvcrx.com/dermatology.html Dermatology | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Dermatologists know that everyone's skin is unique. Our compounding pharmacy understands that unique skin often requires unique treatment.
  • http://rvcrx.com/podiatry.html Podiatry | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Compounded medications provide unique treatment options for podiatric medicine. Our pharmacy has formulations commonly used to treat a variety of conditions.
  • http://rvcrx.com/for_kids.html For Kids | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - We know that getting kids to take their medicine can sometimes be difficult. Many children dislike the taste of medications, are unable to swallow pills, or have a fear of receiving injections.
  • http://rvcrx.com/for_pets.html For Pets | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - At Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy, we understand that your pets are also part of your family. We also understand that getting your pet to take medication can often be a difficult experience for owner and animal.
  • http://rvcrx.com/for_prescribers.html For Prescribers | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy is your partner in providing specialized, custom-made prescriptions. The art and science of compounding is as old as the practice of medicine itself.
  • http://rvcrx.com/hormone_replacement_therapy.html Hormone Replacement Therapy | Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy is now able to compound your customized hormone therapy!
  • http://rvcrx.com/location.html Contact Information | Location | Hours of Operation - Welcome to Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy - Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy located in Rockford Illinois at 811 Perryville Road, Ste. 109.
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