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  • About | Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Drug Testing Products Australia - Royal Medical Supplies is a national supplier of Drug and Alcohol testing devices Australia.
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Products Sydney | Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Drug Testing Products Australia - From DrugCheck to SalivaScan , Royal Medical Products will assist in workplace drug testing. Saliva drug tests, random drug testing & urine drug screening.
  • Latest News | Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Drug Testing Products Australia - Latest news on the drug testing industry, drug and alcohol testing products, healthcare ad worksafe products including urine drug tests & saliva drug tests.
  • Training Videos | Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Drug Testing Products Australia - How to use drug screening and drug testing products from Royal Medical Supplies, Sydney
  • Resource Centre for Drug & Alcohol Testing | Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Drug Testing Products Australia - For information on drug testing, drug checking, drug stats and drug facts see Royal Medical Supplies Resource Centre.
  • Contact Details Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Drug Testing Products Australia - Contact Royal Medical Supplies Sydney // +612 9939 4122 // Unit 50 49-51 Mitchell Road Brookvale NSW 2100 // [email protected]
  • On Site Workplace Drug Testing Services | Royal Medical Supplies Sydney | Drug Testing Products Australia - We have partnered with a team of AOD collection officers to offer Australia wide workplace drug testing & saliva drug testing for increased workplace safety.
  • AlcoCheck® FC300e breath alcohol test | Royal Medical - FC300e is a Alco Check Breathalysers (Breathalyzers) from Royal Medical Supplies Sydney, premium supplier of drug and alcohol testing products Australia
  • Drug SalivaScan – 80600 | Royal Medical - Drug SalivaScan 80600 Tests for THC (marijuana), Methamphetamines (ice, ecstasy), Amphetamines (speed), Opiates (including heroin, morphine, codeine), Cocaine,
  • DrugCheck® NxStep Urine Drug Screen 60601-6 | Royal Medical - One of Royal Medical Supplies drug screening products, Drug Check is used in urine drug testing for random drug testing.
  • UrinCheck™ ADT-7 Drug Adulteration Test Strips | Royal Medical - UrinCheck™ are Drug Adulteration Test Strips for urine drug tests used for workplace drug testing and random drug testing. Brought to you by Royal Medical

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