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  • Ian Peter Duke - This certainly seems like it will be water PROOF

    Waiting for a deluge of rain to test. I had two of what I thought were rain resistant at least, but they do nothing. This certainly seems like it will be water PROOF. Wish it had a pocket inside for a wallet or a phone, but otherwise, it is really nice. I got it on the large side, as I figured I could wear it in the winter with a fleece liner and be dry from sleet or snow with skiing or shoveling the driveway, too.

  • Amazon Customer - kindle review

    Just mentioning the navigation feature doesn't seem to work with the kindle app version. Other than that, a good version of the NABRE.

  • George - Disappointed

    Used standard size kibbles, it jammed and stopped working. Didn't come with a manual. The troubleshooting / instructions on the app to fix it were confusing and did not solve the problem. Poor product, even worse app. Wanted this to work but it doesn't. It's just an overpriced wifi camera if it can't shoot treats out.

  • Lee T. - Not sure I can tell

    I bought this at a recommendation. It sounds great—12 benefits. But I couldn't tell any difference. I like to air dry my hair and leave it tossled and kind of expected that this would actually help enhance my style from air drying but it didn't. I've also been using it after getting some split ends from lightening my ends but haven't noticed it helping with that either.

  • A. Raines - It worked OK, but not great

    I bought this in hopes of adding new life to a kitchen table that had some minor blemishes. It looked very good when first applied, but when I needed to clean the table, the restore a finish got lighter and the blemishes were apparent again.

  • Lia Burres - Works wonders for my two youngest children.

    I will certainly be buying this again. It does help to relax my child and soothes him. I've used it on my 11 month old and my six year old. I use it to help them sleep at night. It works well, not over powering with the smell of lavender and it's perfect for all skin types. It doesn't take very much to bathe them either. One bottle of this has lasted for well over 6 weeks. I do have to recommend this to others and for parents especially.

  • D. Brock - A joke

    Like so many others, I was drawn in by the claims in the ads. I ordered it via their website where they automatically charge you each month and send you a new bottle. I tried it for six months and experienced the exact opposite results of everything they claimed (ie. instead of being more energetic, I was constantly tired and had no energy). The only result I was guarenteed of was $46 disappearing out of my checking acount each month. Save your money and stay away from this product, it's a joke and does not work.