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  • MiSt - A ripoff any way you look at it

    You know this 'Cloud' version of Photoshop is a total ripoff when you see that the older CS6 is running from $500 to $1500 dollars. Obviously people are willing to pay top dollar to get hold of the superior stand-alone software that you only had to pay for ONCE! I deeply regret not picking up a copy of the old software back when it was reasonably priced. Hopefully the Photoshop CC will quickly prove to be a failure so that Adobe will start selling the non-cloud version again.

  • joel - i could not believe it clean my shower that fast

    I live outside of town with iron in the water. Every 6 months or so we have to scrub and scrub our shower with abrasive cleaners, which takes about 6 hours start to finish. I used super iron out and it only took me about an hour. I made a paste with the cleaner and water and wiped it all over the walls and floor. I came back in 10 minutes and it was already turning white in some places. I gave it about 15 more minutes and re applied the "paste" to the walls and floor with a sponge and wiped it down again. I rinsed it of and i was done. There were a few spots I had to use some elbow grease, but way easier than before. (my porcelin bath tube and toilet took longer to do, about an hour longer, but it worked as well) Would recc. this if you have a lot of iron in the water. As a side note, I was suprised as a consumer that a product called Iron Out actually worked.

  • Jeff Cottrill - This works great!!

    My wife is always looking for a good face cleaner to use, so when I saw this Organic Facial Cleanser for all skin types - The only 100% natural face wash for everyday use - The most Organic skincare line made only from Oils, Butters and Extracts I had to get it for her.

  • Tommy M. - Unquestionably durable, but no surface traction

    While OtterBox cases offer some of the best drop protection you can find, the hard plastic outer shell on this thing is way too slippery to leave on a table or desk. The rubber sides and textured back make for a comfortable grip, but it's easy to accidentally bump this phone off a flat surface and onto the floor or ground. For $40, that's a pretty disappointing outcome. I won't be keeping this one.

  • annie7664 - 100 Stars

    Awesome product!!! This is a wonderful product and the product discription was right on. I would recommend this product to any one. I use this product every day and have only had to charge it once. Love that you have the option to have the lights on the keyboard on or off.

  • D. Miller - Changed My Life

    After buying and reading this book, I finally decided to take the leap and join one of Dr. Hyman's official 10-Day Detoxes. It has changed my life. In four months I have lost over 30 pounds, lowered my blood pressure into the normal range, and improved my health in many other ways. I feel like I'm 30 years younger. It's not just a diet... it's a lifestyle change for the better!

  • A. Rutherford - Easy, tasty, with great results

    bias alert - I know Jorge, and I'm in this book - but when I did the BFC I was coming off a period of illness and weight gain, and was not getting results through diet and exercise. Jorge and his program were a miracle for me. I lost a ton of weight relatively quickly (I don't recall how much/how quickly nowadays), and I have managed to keep it off in the years since (somewhere between 2008 and 2010). Once I lost some weight I felt great, and of course exercise was much easier. I don't follow the diet strictly now, but I always read labels, limit sugar and exercise every day.