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  • The Toad - This Stuff Really Works

    If you ever need a product that can solve your smoking problem let me recommend "Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer" this stuff not only works for rear main (which was not my problem) it was the front seal but i had valve stem seals that leaked when i was at an idle(let's say at the fast food joint i go too)and caused smoking after a couple of minutes...it was embarassing but guess what folks....no more smoke......i highly recommend "Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer" and will be purchasing this product FOREVER now.....Happy Trails partner..

  • Hector - Point and shoot

    Somehow, I've got through quite a long life without ever handling, or using a camcorder, so this was a new experience for me. I didn't realise until I received it that I would need to buy a memory card (OK, it may be obvious to everyone else in the world, but I refer you again to my opening sentence!), so I was delayed for a few more days until I'd found out what it was I wanted, ordered it, and received it in the post.