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  • brh92128 - I believe TWC capped the speed when I connected this

    TWC in San Diego started charging a monthly fee of $3.95 per month for the modem in October 2012. I purchased the SB6121 and called TWC with the MAC number on 1/3/12. I had been consistently getting 27 mbps via the old modem plus I rechecked it prior to connecting the new modem. As soon as I connected the new modem the speed was cut almost in half to 14 mbps even when I bypassed the router. It was that way for two days so I called Time Warner tech support and the rep claims that my service only guaranteed 12 - 15 mbps. I suspect that they are capping the speed to discourage people from purchasing their own modem. Maybe by exposing this they will stop doing that.

  • lizzinNY - Looks good for about 6 months...

    My husband and I just finished about 8 hours of work peeling Giani faux granite countertop off. It looked good for about 6 months and then it started chipping and peeling. Behind the sink was a nightmare. If you have kids (we have 3 boys) and they drop things or leave standing water behind the faucet it turns into a nightmare. Giani has excellent customer service. They sent us a new box of paint and clearcoat for free. Unfortunately, the same thing happened. We finally just decided to peel that parts off that were already peeling and sand down the rest. I really loved the initial look of these countertops but w/ a busy family it just isn't practical.

  • Carsten Pennartz - Premature Release

    Horrible experience with this release. Typically the upgrade works smooth and I am doing it for years. This time nothing works and I am back on 2013 Version. Thank God I had the backup