R-keeper для Вас - Наша компания занимается автоматизацией ресторанов, кафе баров, столовых, фаст фудов, доставок суши и пиццы и бильярдных, а также мы устанавливаем и обслуживаем системы видеонаблюдения. Устанавливаем видеокамеры, ip камеры, и другие системы видеонаблюдения. Также осуществляем поставку pos оборудования, моноблоков. сенсоных дисплеев. принтеров и тд, установка

Country:, Europe, RU

City: 37.6184 Moscow, Russia

  • Charles B. Naumann - Crippleware

    I have been using the trial version of Home Designer Pro for about a week. I am not impressed. In spite of the impressive list of features, there are some very basic operations that are missing.

  • wcf94 - Great replacement for the cheap plastic cap that came on ...

    Great replacement for the cheap plastic cap that came on the truck. It makes one wonder why they don't have a more substantial cap for the price of these trucks.

  • Gwen - Great book!!

    Liam Axton is a business man. He has his hands in a few things here and there. He is also a bookie. When Richard Turner comes in to place a bet and loses, then instead of coming in to pay he wants to double down Liam does something unexpected. He gives Richard the money. Richard told him that he needed the money, he has cancer, needs the money for treatment even though the doctor's tell him it's too late. He has a daughter in college that needs him. Richard returns with the deed to a house and doesn't let up until Liam accepts it. The home is located right next door and eventually leads to Liam becoming a friend and caregiver. He is there for Richard as his health declines. He is there when Richard passes away.

  • Ariana - Not good

    This did not work! It did not prevent any fleas from getting on my dog and then it totally stank up the place. Not happy at all!

  • Raindrop - I love Kaspersky!

    I have used Norton, McAfee and AVG. Either they bogged down my computer or they let all kinds of spam get through. Kaspersky does the job. I'm not real techie but it was easy to install, not problems updating and it keeps my computer from getting all the junk mail.