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  • Radburg - still looks great with no problems and a perfect fit

    Have had mine for two years now, still looks great with no problems and a perfect fit! It has never leaked and if I needed to, would buy another one in a minute. Great product!

  • Erika Paiz - Great brush!!! Will keep using!

    I absolutely love this brush! First of all, it is such a pretty brush. It is this copper toned brush head with a rubber handle. It looks really fancy. secondly, the brush hair itself is so soft and it's really dense. It feels great. Thirdly, it is the perfect size. It isn't giant and it isn't really tiny. I get my foundation done really quick , which I'm so happy with because I don't want to take forever putting on makeup for school. Fourthly, it leaves a flawless finish. I was so amazed because I thought my beauty sponge did a great job but this really beat it.It really buffed in my makeup well and it did not look cakey at all. I used it with liquid and mineral foundation; it worked great for both. I actually did not experience any shedding or have any of the bristles fall out. I will now be using this instead of my beauty sponge because I love the final result.

  • Jamie L. Whitaker - Quality Product that works.

    My wife urged me to begin taking something to support my liver and she chose 1 Body Liver Support. I am on my second bottle of it and so far, am beginning to feel and see the changes my diet and exercise plan combined with this support has done for me. If you are looking for the support for your liver without being bombarded with a ton of support pills, then this is the supplement you are looking for. Make sure you increase your water intake, eat healthy Real food, and exercise daily and you are guaranteed results. It has helped me so much that my wife is now taking them as well. I honestly cannot wait to see my next liver panel studies to see how it has helped me. Looking forward to reviewing other products by 1 Body as well.

  • Joseph Ganakos - A Classic Look at a Great Price

    I've worn Ray-Ban sunglasses dating back to my junior high school days when the original Miami Vice drove me to purchase several pair of Wayfarers. These aviators (black 58mm) are a perfect fit without being oversized and have the quality I've come to expect from Ray--Ban. I prefer the non-polarized for driving and the sturdy case and cleaning cloth it arrived with keep it safe and secure when I travel. These are authentic (I did purchase directly from Amazon rather than a secondary vendor) and I'm very happy with both the purchase price and the quality of product.

  • Pamela - Shallow Toe Box

    I've worn the Nike Flex Run for several years. My favorite version was the Flex Run 2014 and I actually thought that was what I was ordering when I purchased these. They look very, very similar but the fit is slightly different. These are a little too tight across the top of the toe box. This is odd; I've never had this problem before. They rub a blister on the top of my big toe if I wear for too long. I have about 1/2" extra length in the shoe, so a bigger size would not alleviate the problem.

  • tbyrd - Good piece of equipment, level one tougher than expected

    I really want to give this 5 stars because it is a very effective tool to work out with. The only complaint I have is the easiest level band (pink) is really tight. Considering I am recovering from a back injury for being re-ended and just getting to where I can start back on a routine I was excited about this. Now I am trying to figure out a way to stretch it in a way to soften it up. I will continue to use it, but it will be quite some time before I ever make it to the next level band. Just be ready to work at the pink level for a while.