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  • stacey - waste of money

    this version of QB is ridiculously difficult to use! there are 500 different tabs to choose from, and that's just on your 'easy to use' home page. if I were a CPA this might be worth using, but being just a small business owner, this product is not for me - I might use 4 of the tabs, maybe!! it does not come with instructions and the 1-800 number to call for help no longer answers the call, they send u to another website and want your name and phone number so they can call u at their convenience - that is just a terrible way to do business!!

  • Jared - Where are you supposed to hook the teather?

    Nice cap and nice teather but unsure where it's supposed to connect, I'm assuming it goes over DEF cap . This is overpriced and should come standard from the factory but it fixes a problem, I was worried about getting water in my fuel. Now if I could just figure out how to pour anti gel in the tank with that stupid hinged metal piece in the neck of the tank.

  • Pen Name - Better than regular buds

    They work just fine sound is clear and easy to adjust the volume, although they could fit a little tighter around the ears. I have not worn them running yet, so I don't know how the fit will handle the jogging movement, I only tested them inside.

  • KG of Missouri - Looks great on my 2008 JKU

    Looks great on my 2008 JKU. The only issue is that my granddaughter thinks my Jeep is angry at her. Easy install.

  • joanna - Physical Anthropology book by Jurmain

    This book is helpful and useful for understanding the topic of my research.It mentions a lot of information on primates that I plan to use on my research project for a class.

  • jburge - Don't compare to Proactiv

    I love Proactic but it's too expensive so i tried this because it's supposed to be just as not true. I've been using it for almost a month and my face hasn't cleared up at all. I keep getting pimples and my face stays oily. I guess I'll stick to the price of Proactiv to achieve the results I'm looking for.

  • Dylan - Make Yourself Great Again!

    Another great book by Mike. Every page has something that you can take away. My favorite part is the Mindset section. Mike has been studying Mindset for years and you can learn a lot from him.