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  • Michael Schneider - This saved my a**! Really works. Thanks zydot.

    I found out 4 days before my test that it was a hair follicle test and not a urine screen. I read so many websites trying to figure out if this really worked out not. There was about a 50/50 split between passes and fails. I was also worried that the positive reviews were written by people that were paid by the company to write them. Anyways I have this stuff a shot and kept my fingers crossed. I followed the directions exactly. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour to use this stuff properly. Two hours later I went and took the test. I was worried the whole time while waiting for the results. I ended up passing the test with flying colors and landing an awesome job. The price is also great on amazon considering that I paid 3x the price at a local head shop. Thank you zydot. Your product really works.

  • Andrew - I can definitely tell there is a difference. I ...

    I can definitely tell there is a difference. I am a lot more articulate in conversation, and more thorough in my daily activities. There does seem to be a come down with this supplement however, similar to a cafiene crash. Not worth the expensive price tag. I'm gonna go with Joe Rogan on this one, and just make my own

  • Silly 501 - Great buy, easy to install. cheaper than dealerships.

    Great saving compared with dealership. Easily installed. No instructions were included but I searched online and found exact details and a you-tube piece on installation and how to avoid the pitfalls. Perfectly installed by me, a woman ( who is not mechanically minded) in just under 20 min. Yay!

  • Patricia Ramirez - #LOVE IT..YOU TRY IT!!

    so far its been the #1 product that ive gotten results in looking slimmer. :-) love it # Slimquick is the one...

  • Twenty-Something - Weird feeling

    I tried these for a few days but my body could not handle the crazy amounts of caffeine, even when introduced over the period of a week. I couldn't focus, had headaches, and felt hyper-active. I do not think it is worth changing the chemical composition of your brain this way.