Psoriasis Rapperswil Lakers | Psoriasis medicin is NOT the answer - Here is a natural cure! - Some eczema sufferers react almost immediately after eating eggs, and eggs may need to Candida Albicans can cause a lot of skin troubles and abscesses. People have immense problems these days with psoriasis, and in the hospital.

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  • Janice Poglitsch - Cheap knock off

    This is not an authentic mopar part. This is a cheap knock off. My husband reluctantly installed it. Poor fit, however it looks great. Will buy the original mopar part and toss this. The cheap price should have warned me off. Beware. Do not buy!

  • 2College - I tutor for test prep and bought this book to ...

    I tutor for test prep and bought this book to use with a student. I found many questions poorly crafted, particularly the analogies. I had to apologize to the student. So, I found that the test maker, SSAT, has a prep book that I have ordered (I did not find it on Amazon). I assume it will have questions as well crafted and the real test.

  • Angel Capellan123 - This those not smell like the one the official store sells

    This does not smell like the one the official store sells. I tried the original one because some friend lent it to me (for couple of nights), and it was so powerful. One drop overwhelmed my room with a strong smell. Now I put even three drops of the one I bought from Amazon and the smell is very weak. It most be fake. It can't be the same.

  • Anichole - Eh- a temp fix

    Looked great for a year then almost at the one year mark started peeling off! I bought a second set to re- do my tub and the product NEVER SET! I dont know if I got a bad batch or what but I know how epoxy works and this stuff NEVER SET!!! Not only that but I waited an hour after appying before I removed the plug from the tub. Epoxy should not still be runny after an hour. The majority of the product ran down my drain. It still didn't set but got goopy and plugged my drain. Not only did I waste my money on the product but I also had to waste money on a plumber to remove the goo from my drain. What bit of product that did set- was smooth when I applied it but dried curled and sharp.