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  • cheryl - Just got my belt yesterday and i love it! I like the fact that it is ...

    Just got my belt yesterday and i love it! I like the fact that it is small because I can wear it at work.

  • Bellaluxx - AUTISM aide!!!

    This is awesome. Beats getting shots for my son who has autism. The sublingual is a nice size and takes forever to melt completely so my son takes it as long as he can and chews the rest. Been in for 2 weeks and has seen a slight difference in the clarity of his speech. Further, he has less space-outs we like to call them... GET THE WORD OUT!!! AUTISM is not a dead-end diagnosis! Knowledge is key when ur have a child on the spectrum. Go for biomedical treatments... Many therapies u can do yourself! DONT BELIEVE THE LIES! No flu shots/ vaccinations filled with crap!!! Do ur homework people! There r a millions different ways.... God bless!

  • TexArdvark - A Great Adventure Starts

    The Author has artfully thrown in his hook and I have bitten! This story has great potential for being rated up there with the best fantasy fiction if it continues with the same energy and forethought. A concept wrapping Roman like Legionaries, elves, and possibly dwarves in the storylines future is enticing enough to go on to Book 2 as soon as possible. The characters are likable and soon become of interest as the tale progresses. A singular Legionnaire Captain, a Lieutenant Elf, and a rag tag army come to their own after being given a near impossible assignment. It's quite a story.