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  • Kyla - Perfect.

    I actually read the entire book. It was entertaining and helpful and I would recommend this to any kid who wants a book that makes you laugh and helps you at the same time. Its was absolutely perfect!

  • Mark Jacobson - It's a great small gaming keyboard.

    I love the sound of the keyboard, I love the lighting effects and how they can be customized, and I love how well built the keyboard feels.

  • KMGZAC - Great Product, but a little on the pricey side.

    Vita One's Prenatal & Lactation Support vitamin blend is a great multivitamin to take while you are pregnant. I feel energized and I like knowing that my baby is getting everything they need, as well as I am. While, I wasn't crazy about the original price of the vitamin, I think this vitamin ranks up there in terms of what all is encapsulated into the pill. I'd definitely recommend; however, I think compared to some other brands, they could lower the price. I did receive this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

  • Paul H - So far so good but not fully tested yet

    I pulled the trigger on this after loosing power for 5 days in late June and early July. It will be used strictly for back-up during power outages to keep the refrigerators running as well as the furnace in the winter.

  • william j link sr - Try it! What have you got to Lose???

    I have been an automotive technician for over 47 years. I don't believe in "snake oils", but I DO BELIEVE IN AT205!!! I am a Master Certified Tech. I know what works and what doesn't. This product is amazing and may be the most underrated product on the market! I cannot guarantee it will fix every leak, if there is a hole in a gasket or seal, it cannot fix that. This is a seal conditioner. It softens and restores the pliability of the seal to a nearly new condition. One example: A 10 year old high mileage Astro van with a horrible rear main oil seal leak, one of the worst I have ever seen. The bottom of the chassis was coated with oil from the engine to the rear bumper. I don't think there was a dry spot in-between. I have to admit that I had little hope of even helping this vehicle, but it was worth a try. Certainly easier than pulling the transmission to replace the seal, very costly for a high mileage vehicle. We cleaned the bottom of the vehicle. I was totally astounded when, at the next oil change, we found the bottom of the chassis bone dry! It was unbelievable! He had been adding several quarts of oil between changes and afterwards I know it was next to nothing, if anything at all.