PMC Group - A Global Chemicals Company - PMC Group is a diversified, global chemicals company dedicated to innovative solutions for everyday consumer needs in a broad range of end markets.

  • Commitment & Vision - PMC Group - The vision of PMC Group is to create a new kind of global corporation that acts as an engine for regional economic growth and promotes the common good.
  • Building & Construction Materials - PMC Group - PMC Group’s diverse lines of products for the construction and building markets help manufacturers achieve superior product performance and efficiencies.
  • Chemical Manufacturing - PMC Group - PMC Group's product range includes process chemicals used to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing processes and specialty chemical intermediates.
  • Coatings, Ink & Adhesives - PMC Group - PMC Group’s coatings, inks and adhesives portfolio is continuously updated with the evolution of needs and regulations in your specific industry.
  • Consumer & Household Care - PMC Group - PMC Group is a leader in natural & petroleum based ingredients for consumer & household care products: surfactants, lubricant and slip additives, and intermediates.
  • Electronics & Enclosures - PMC Group - PMC Group delivers standard and custom solutions to the electronics enclosure markets as a leading supplier of masterbatches and custom molding compounds.
  • Enzyme & Fermentation - PMC Group - PMC Group offers highly customizable fatty acid carbon chain profiles for enzymatic and fermentation processes.
  • Food - PMC Group - MC Group offers a wide range of products that are employed in food products as processing aids and functional ingredients.
  • Lubricants & Fuel Additives - PMC Group - PMC Group supplies a wide range of chemistries for lubricant and fuel manufacturers from both natural and petroleum technology platforms.
  • Metalworking - PMC Group - PMC Group offers a range of metalworking additives to improve specific performance criteria or as components in blend packages.
  • Oil Field & Drilling - PMC Group - PMC Group offers a broad range of products—both natural and petroleum based—to the oilfield and drilling industry.
  • Pharmaceutical - PMC Group - PMC Group offers a wide range of products to enhance the properties and performance of pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Polymerization and Polymer Processing - PMC Group - A leading global producer of polymer additives, PMC Group manufactures catalyst components, process chemicals, functional additives, and masterbatches.
  • Polymers & Plastics - PMC Group - A leading global producer of polymer and plastic additives, PMC Group has a broad range of functional and process additives for virtually every polymer.
  • Rubber & Tires - PMC Group - PMC Group is a global leader of products and additives used in the processing of rubber and rubber based products.
  • Textile & Fiber - PMC Group - PMC Group is a leading supplier of chemicals, additive masterbatches, and specialty blends to the fiber, carpet fiber, and textile backing industries.
  • Wire & Cable - PMC Group - Products include functional and processing additives, performance enhancing additives, compounds and filling materials for wire and cabling industries.
  • Wood & Forest Products - PMC Group - PMC Group offers a broad range of unique chemistries for use in specialized agents, modifiers, engineered wood composites, MDF/PB, and pressure treated lumber.
  • Rubber Chemicals - PMC Group - PMC Rubber Chemicals is a developer and producer of rubber chemicals, including accelerators, antioxidants, antiozonants, retarders, and peptizers
  • About Us - PMC Group - About Us: PMC Group is a global chemicals company in consumer products, electronics, paints, packaging, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals.
  • Chakrabarti Foundation - PMC Group - The Chakrabarti Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote education around the world, funded by contributions of all PMC Group companies.

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  • rusted orange - I've heard great things from others

    I've heard great things from others, and this definitely helps with the odor! Easy to use. Not offensive smelling. Unfortunately, our cat continued to urinate inappropriately and we needed more than this to help him. Great size!

  • N. Wadsworth - They work.. BUT - there are side effects.

    Started on Sunday, by Wednesday I had lost 3lbs. Minimum activity and eating healthy but normal. These do make me hyper, my heart does race.. and I feel nauseous after taking them on an empty stomach. I'm taking these with lean shakes and also a vitamin to help with metabolism and energy.

  • MelB - An absolute must for all ages!

    First of all, you should use a Vitamin based cream on your skin. It's the most beneficial. Other commercial products charge too much and are wax based. They rely on brand loyalty and not results. This one absorbs beautifully and leaves the skin feeling silky. I purchased it on Amazon and the value can't be beat. As an older woman, I would highly recommend this product and think women should start using it in their 20s. I use Good'n'Natural Retinol Cream in the evening and this during the day. My skin has more clarity after just two weeks of use.

  • Mary - Interesting!

    This is a very interesting book. I had never heard of oil pulling. I have had wonderful results since I started. My teeth are whiter, my gums healthier. I have also noticed a calming in my GI tract. I can't wait to see what else it helps!

  • Sarah - Expires soon

    This is a good formula but the tub that I was given expires in a couple months. I got free samples from my OBGYN and there's expires in eight months but theses expire in two. I breast feed and use this sparingly and will definitely not all be used in two months, this is an inconvenience.