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  • Jimmy Lin - Second times the Charm.

    Ok, this is embarrassing to post but I bought this to clean out my no-no region. There, I said it. I don't know any of you in real life so what's the harm right? Now, on to the product!

  • Raymondoooo - Surprised how it turned out.

    I've gotten many compliments on the counters. They've lasted a few months with no scratches and/or chips. Pay very close attention to the instructions and you will be fine. I screwed up a little in the beginning, but I recovered by the end. very happy with this product.

  • Loves Line Dancing - Love this

    So much cheaper at Amazon and you can buy the 3 pz bottle. Dont even bother with one ounce. You dont get enough in it at all. I have thin hair. Every time I try to go without using this on my scalp, my hair comes out more. I cant say my hair is thicker but maybe it is because if your hair doesnt come out as easily I would think it would be thicker. I use the shampoo and this scalp hair booster. I've used for years. It's not gonna work overnight. But once you use habitually your hair does not come out as easily. I love this stuff

  • Katherine L. Shepard - Thorough and startling.

    This is an eye opener intended to wake you up regarding todays global society, we as a people and the world as we know it. Extremely well researched and annotated. It presents current and impending challenges and, a template for people to move forward. This is an important book for our times.

  • K. Long - It worked on my cars!

    I have a 1999 Toyota Camry. I inherited the car from my father and it had a check engine light on when I got it. The light would come on and then go off, but it never stayed off long enough for the computer to reset. It was time to get the inspection done but it would not pass due to the light coming on. I took the car to two mechanics. They cleaned everything they could think of to make the light go off. Then one of the mechanics talked to another mechanic at the dealership. They replaced parts until I said ENOUGH! I had spent several hundred dollars on parts and labor. I still had the same problem.

  • Robin P. - 2016 Hellcat

    My previous auto was a C6 Z06 which is a true American sports car. My wife and I felt like trying a muscle car this time so we went with the Hellcat. It's a little quicker than the Z06 but not as fast on the top end. But that's okay, it is loads of fun and handles great for a muscle car. Anyone that says it's only good in a straight line hasn't driven one.

  • Amazon Customer - A Visual Treat

    If you are a Harry Potter fan, and you were the one who always loved picture books, I will simply say that you need to get this. WDW 10/12