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  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-triderm-sp-id-46234 TRIDERM SP (Antibacteriano, Antimicótico, Corticosteroide) - Laboratorio MSD - Gentamicina. Clotrimazol. Betametasona. Antibacteriano. Antimicótico. Corticosteroide. Crema x 15g.
  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-tri-luma-id-46233 TRI-LUMA (Trat, del melasma moderado-severo del rostro) - Laboratorio GALDERMA - Trat. del melasma moderado-severo del rostro. Composición.Cada 100g contiene: fluocinolona acetonida 0,01g, hidroquinona 4g, tretinoína 0,05g. Excipientes: butilhidrox...
  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-tresiba-id-46232 TRESIBA (Tratamiento de la diabetes) - Laboratorio NOVO NORDISK - Insulina degludec. Tratamiento de la diabetes. 100UI /ml Env. Disp. x 3ml Pre Llenado.
  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-telmicin-p-id-46227 TELMICIN-P (Tratamiento para la infección ocular externa) - Laboratorio ROSTER - Netilmicina. Tratamiento para la infección ocular externa. 0.3% Fco. x 15ml.
  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-sol-prazol-id-46220 SOL-PRAZOL (Antiulceroso, Inhibidor de la secreción ácida gástrica) - Laboratorio DROG. PACIFICO - Omeprazol. Antiulceroso. Inhibidor de la secreción ácida gástrica. LP 20mg Caja Caps. x 100.
  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-shampoo-eco-id-46219 SHAMPOO ECO - Laboratorio QUALIPHARM - Men Firmeza Natural x 250ml. Men Limpieza Profunda x 250ml. 2 en 1 Fco. x 250ml.
  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-rinoclenil-id-46214 RINOCLENIL (Tratamiento de la rinitis alérgica) - Laboratorio LUKOLL - Betametasona dipropionato. Tratamiento de la rinitis alérgica. 100mcg /32ml Fco. x 200 Dosis.
  • http://pe.mivademecum.com/medicamento-rinelon-id-46213 RINELON (Antiinflamatorio) - Laboratorio MSD - Mometasona furoato. Antiinflamatorio. Fco. x 60 Dosis x 10g. Fco. x 140 Dosis x 18g.

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  • Kirsten T - Powerful

    Wow this is so much brighter than I thought. Lol I thought it would be a good night light for my sons room. Ahhh only if I want to train him to sleep though a rave ! I got this product at a discount in return for an honest review. I would buy it again and recommend it with a warning about its power.

  • Toph - Attractive shoe

    Shimano is a great company and this shoe shows off their stuff well. It is fairly light weight and the straps work well. The loss of the star comes from two things, first is the fact that my foot was to wide for the normal shoe but not wide enough for the E (wide) shoe. I kept the wide shoe as I would rather have a little play than suffocate my foots circulation. The second issue is that they dont breath as good as I hoped. Having a black shoe, in the sun your feet can get a little toasty and there are only a couple spots that offer ventilation and they are not that good. Other than these two issues I feel the shoe was worth the money and looks great with my bike.

  • Randel metzinger - Great speakers

    Pretty sweet ass speakers man. I've got some older RF Fanatic Q components in my other car and these outperform those by a decent margin. Most notable attribute is the bass response from the woofers. The tweeters sound great but I was really surprised by the thump of the 6.5" woofers

  • loribelle - Love it!

    I love the smell of this shampoo and my hair is so soft. I have noticed that my hair isn't falling out like it had been too. I purchased it at Walgreens. I also bought some of the shampoo and conditioner to lighten your hair and it works really well also.

  • Sun Catcher - Awsome!

    Azo Standard is awesome! I have used it, as needed, down through the years. For me it has worked wonders when a UTI came on in the middle of the night and I couldn't get in to see a doctor right away to get an antibiotic. It relieved the terrible burning pain until I could get in for treatment. I keep some on hand and take it with me when I go out-of-town just in case it's needed. In my opinion, it is definitely worth a try! I don't want to be without it.

  • C. Smith - Forget Wet and Forget

    I haven't seen the results described on several tombstones that I treated (as directed). I think the little note about how the buyer won't follow directions is a rather strange. Was worth a try and hopefully other people will have success with t his product.

  • Courtney - Only buy if you don't plan on returning. I returned this product and only got $34.72 back in return....

    I am an interior designer and thought this would be the right product to help me in creating designs. After using Chief Architect Home Designer Pro, I found out it was not the right design software for what I needed it to do. I purchased Sketch Up Pro from another vendor and was a much better application for interior design work. In good faith, I returned Chief Architect Home Designer Pro only to find out they had a restocking fee of $495.99 of the full amount. I think this is a poor way of doing business, since I will never use the software for my work.