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  • Pbjohns - Perfect!

    The car seat adapter fit my seat perfectly and seems very sturdy. I haven't used it much since my newborn is only a couple weeks old but so far so good!

  • Siva - A remote, trackpad mouse, keyboard and much more in one tiny attachment

    As I opened the box of iWavit, I was first skeptical on how such a small attachment to my iPhone could do all thats been promised on the iWavit website and most importantly how long it would take me to set it up. But I was totally blown away when I was able to control my Sony TV and Dish Network DVR within 30 seconds of opening the iWavit box. It was that simple. A simple search in the app store for "iwavit" listed me the app for iWavit remotes for Sony TV and Dish Network DVR which I downloaded and was in business. And it worked like a charm. Now this got me intrigued and now I wanted to try this with my Roku player which with the 3rd most used system. They did not have an app for this but I read that I could create my own remote within a few mins using the iWavit "Tabula Rasa" app. All it took me was 5 mins to create the remote for my Roku XD player using that app and now I have the remote for my Roku on my iPhone as well. The process of creating a new remote was super intuitive and of course they have help pages for people who need them. They also have the option of uploading custom remotes we create so other iWavit users can search for and download it. Since I had uploaded my Roku XD remote, it was approved and now other iWavit users can search for it and use it without having to create a new remote for Roku players. This ecosystem is very unique and I can see how quickly they can get people to share remotes for almost every device in the market that needs one.

  • D. Olsen - Hotronic M4 Battery

    I've used my original set of batteries fory 2 years (~40 days skiing total) and the black "lid" with the connector, lights and on/off buttons has come off of one of the batteries. It still seems to be usable, but it shouldn't have come off in normal use. I suppose I could use some epoxy or Super Glue to keep it together ... In any case, I decided to buy a replacement set of batteries in case my originals are on their way out. I *have* experienced erratic results with both battery packs, wherein they seem to discharge much sooner than expected, or mysteriously get switched to a different setting than I set them to at the start of my ski-day. And I've had to replace the foot-pad heating elements, as they both seem to have crapped out (as evidenced by the batteries not discharging at all after being turned on, to test them, for more than 24 hours). But that's not a battery problem. It's a problem with the durability of the heating elements &/or the wiring (cable & connector). Maybe the Hotronics system just isn't suitable for the rigors of a ski boot. But it's better than using the chemical heating packs in my boots (they work fine in gloves, but they don't stay stuck to my socks when I put on my boots) - they rub off and curl up as my foot slides into my boot).

  • Cooper Frandsen - There are a couple of really good reviews about this product that helped convince me to ...

    There are a couple of really good reviews about this product that helped convince me to buy. When I first plugged it in to my computer there was no response and I was nervous that I had received a defective part. DON'T JUST TRY PLUGGING IT IN ONCE. I unplugged it and plugged it in two more times and it worked perfect! I was able to click and drag MP3 files onto the folder window, and have been enjoying music while running ever since. People have mentioned in this comment section that not being able to shuffle your playlist is annoying, and I would have to agree with that. I would give 5 stars if I could shuffle the music and was confident in the product straight out of the box.

  • C. M. Morgan - I've learned the hard way that sets like these are a waste

    These are just serrated average quality knives. I've learned the hard way that sets like these are a waste. Blades are flimsy and handles are cheap. Can they cut leather an concrete? Yep, but so can cheap serrated blades from Walmart. Cutco knives are useless for slicing and food prep because they're simply saws. Regardless of guarantees, you'll be better off buying new serrated knives over the years. What everyone really needs to get by in a kitchen: 1 high quality chef's knife (victorianox and wustof get great ratings), one paring knife, one bread knife. I have had my wustof chef's knife for 10 years and have never sharpened it. Learn how to use a knife and buy what you'll use, not what someone wants to sell.

  • Darren Phillips - Impressed!

    I absolutely love this product! I've recently started suffering with pain from Fibromyalgia and my knee's especially hurt. I used this on my knee's and within 5 minutes the pain was nearly gone! I love that it doesn't have a heated sensation like other products do. I received this as a sample from PinchMe.com and am so glad I did. I've already purchased some and have been telling everyone I know about this wonderful product.

  • Charile - One of the best shows on tv!

    I love this show! I can really relate to the struggles they go through because I have been there myself.