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  • Heather Veronica - Who doesn't love tasty gummies instead of pills?

    I got this to help my hair grow healthier because of a lot of dying and straightening. I had to cut a lot of it off because it was really damaged. I love these because it isn't just biotin... and they are gummies! :P I'm such a kid! Lol They taste so good I have to stop myself from eating a bunch every time I take them! I definitely recommend these for hair growth! I received these at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Ethan - Polarized sunglasses incompatible (black screen) in landscape mode

    This is a great product short for one key feature: when viewing with polarized sunglasses the screen is completely black in landscape orientation. Changing to portrait fixes it, but most of the time I'm in landscape. This is for Nvidia Shield K1. I have a Galaxy Note 5 with the same IntelliGlass and don't experience this defect.

  • Taye Frederic - I love this iron

    I love this iron! It hasn't failed me yet! It leaves my hair silky straight and curls amazingly! And for a great price?!

  • tara blackburn - but once you swallow them there is no after taste or anything like that. You're not stuck burping the smell up ...

    This is a base fat burner to help lose weight. You simply take two capsules once a day preferably with a meal. These capsules do have a weird kind of smell to them, but once you swallow them there is no after taste or anything like that. You're not stuck burping the smell up the rest of the day or anything so it's easy to ignore that.

  • B. Venanzio - A lot better than I expected

    I have naturally medium brown hair, but I've been dying it dark brown/black for at least a year now. This week I noticed that my roots were starting to come in, but I was getting tired of black hair, so I decided to go red. In order to do this I had to strip out all of the black hair dye build up. I wasn't sure if this would work, but I figured I'd try it since it got good reviews. It smelled like rotten eggs [there's some kind of sulfate in it], but my hair is back to a color I haven't seen since high school. There's no damage to speak of, my hair feels like it always does. I definitely recommend it, even if you've had dye in your hair for a really long time like I did.