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  • Perry E. - Not the right product.

    Was not what I wanted. Between Amazon search and my choices I got a shampoo without the needed Benzoyl peroxide medication.

  • vitalicvision - OK for everyday!

    I have hyperhidrosis of the hands, which can significantly impair my ability to work with my hands - which is a huge problem for me, since just about everything I enjoy doing is hands-on. I started looking at products like this when I tried out some aerial classes, and found that I could use Dry Hands to improve my ability to participate in normal circumstances... still needed to explore medical options with my doctor for long-term relief, but this was and is an important start.

  • mahoney5 - Great cup but...

    The kryo kup is nice, but mine only came with one lid. And the seal on the lid is very weak. Sometimes when I'm drinking from it the lid will come loose and pop up. And compared to my brothers yeti cup this one is slightly lighter. It does keep drinks cold for a very long time. Over all its a great cup but I might buy a yeti lid.

  • Acornbooksnorthwest - Best we have found

    We have tried many products and this does better than the others that are commonly found at supermarkets, pet stores, and vets' offices. This is not to say it is perfect. I suppose our bad kitty is just too bad for any product....