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  • SuperG - One of the more expensive fix in a bottle products, didn't cure my pains.

    Not a miracle in a bottle, but I'm sure it works for some. My 5 year old Shelby with 15k miles throws a cat code on both sides. Rather than replace cats so early on I figured I'd give this product a try and possibly clean them out a bit. I have tried this product as instructed twice, and a little stronger two more times, over the last 10 tanks, still throwing a code. :( I do still want to try it on my 180k 92 crown vic, as it still has factory cats, doesn't throw a code but it blows just a tiny bit too much smoke to pass emissions testing. Will try again eventually.

  • Jeremy W - halo XL 450

    Nice range finder for the money works just as good as a high dollar ones,works great for archery will buy another if something happens too this one easy too read works great from my tree stand use it during hog hunting where the point of impact matters buy one you won't be disappointed great value

  • Isaac Chaves A - Amazing, 100% recommended

    Amazing, everything worked fine and had no issues with the hardware at all, kinect works 90% of the time, its amazing the way it recognizes you when loggin, use codes have never been easier it took like 20 seconds to do it, xbox tv works fine in Costa Rica, it has amazing graphics and the UI is great, fast and responsive, xbox live offered me a great service like always has, party chat voice is much better and cleaner, skype its awesome, snapping between games and apps was easy and worked great.. 100% recommended. Also worth noting how quiet and cool the xbox one runs...

  • T. Clo - Ringo's 72'nd Birthday present to us!

    SWEET! I happen to live in Nashville and before this show at the historic Ryman Auditorium, Ringo was at the downtown Nashville Hard Rock cafe to celebrate his birthday and do his annual "Peace & Love" wish for the world. Extra cool because it just happens to be my birthday as well. (Oh, and I'm a drummer too). I filmed the whole event and edited it down to this 4:32 video, which includes a spontaneous rendition of "Give Peace A Chance". Also, I was holding up a sign that said "It's My Birthday Too, YEAH!" Ringo pointed, read the sign aloud... and wished ME a "Happy Birthday, Brother!"!! And it's all on video.