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  • BlackhawkFan - Worse than incompetent.

    BD used to be good. I've run this program for several years. Late 2014, I got hacked several times with unauthorized purchases against my debit card. End of 2014, BD screwed up my OS so bad I couldn't access Hotmail. Had to switch to Chrome.

  • B. Snyder - Worx weed trimmer is the best!!

    I love this weed trimmer. I have had multiple gas powered trimmers and they have all failed. This one is powerful and I don't have to keep banging on the ground to feed string. It feeds the string automatically and it has a pre-filled cartridge instead of having to wind the string yourself. It also folds up into a compact size to be stored in small spaces and is lightweight. This item is extremely efficient and I would recommend it to everyone.

  • trugrl - Worthless; Don't Buy It!

    DON'T BUY IT! IT DOESN'T WORK. This product is a waste of money. I saw a mouse in my studio apt within the week that I spread the 12 bags that I bought for $50. I'm pretty frustrated. This product smells good, but is totally worthless.

  • Skibum - Great product. It is difficult to find in the ...

    Great product. It is difficult to find in the stores and its much cheaper on here. This works great for my little one when she is having issues going to the bathroom. I highly recommend, I have even put the product on auto ship! =)